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  1. bobby Says:

    there are now no legends left in comedy.
    kinison, hicks, pryor, and now carlin.
    who’s left?
    mencia? are you kidding?
    dane cook? no way…
    chappelle? close but no cigar.
    there are no legends anymore…

  2. Clay Vegas Says:

    NO, the Legends are not gone. Bill Cosby is still alive. But, even Cosby couldn’t share in that era in comedy (Pryor-Kinison) and that has ended with Carlin. The last of the forbidden Ed-Sullivans aka those who said fuck on the family record player.

    George became more than just a comic. He became a hero, of sorts. To me, Carlin’s comedy allowed him to remind us of how words have no meaning without context. And it’s the context that speaks the truth, not just the words themselves. George was a linguist of the highest degree. He could regurgitate entire performances, live, on cue and never missing a gesture or perfectly placed expletive.

    Legends have their own style. Rodney told jokes. Richard told stories. George told the truth…the class clown.

    Goodbye Monfrair, didn’t give you the radio sendoff you probably deserved but there’s always tomorrow, Georgie

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