There is a disturbing trend going on in sports talk radio these days. Stations throughout the country are firing big name sports talk show hosts in their never-ending effort to slash salaries.

In the latest piece of stunning news from the industry, Newsday has the story today that WFAN may be getting rid of longtime sportstalkers Mike and The Mad Dog.  The article is not some tabloid piece of idle speculation. It’s author, Neil Best, is the top sports media writer in the country.

Best calls the Mike Francesa and Chris Russo show “the most successful, influential show in sports talk radio history.” Yet, Best says, the show itself could soon be history.

Best writes about a rumored rift and conflict in personalities between Francesa and Russo. However, it’s highly unlikely that either host would simply walk away from million dollar plus salaries while still under contract. The bottom line for scumbag radio companies is always the bottom line.

According to the lastest figures available, Francesa made $1.4 million a year and Russo $1.3 million.

That shouldn’t be a concern since WFAN raked in over $20 million in sales last year and the ratings for Mike and The Mad Dog are up 26 percent since last year. Unfortunately it is. Why? Because the guy who heads the company that owns WFAN is a blithering moron.

Jeff Smulyan is the former owner of the Seattle Mariners baseball team. While he was the M’s owner the team almost became the first club in MLB history to not have enough money to make payroll. Since Smulyan is too stupid to get a job in any respectable business he started his own radio company. Emmis Broadcasting now owns seven radio stations including WFAN.

Today’s New York Times business section has an article that says Smulyan may be selling off one of his Boston Jazz stations in an effort to pay off some of the company’s debt which is reported to be over $150 million.

I have a lot of respect for Neil Best, but if Francesa, Russo or both get fired it’s not because of a “personality conflict” or to “pursue other media interests.” It’s because another cheap, evil, stupid, monolithic corporation is looking to cut salary.


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  1. bobby Says:

    “…another cheap, evil, stupid, monolithic corporation is looking to cut salary.” that pretty much says it all. radio is dead and they’re just picking the meat off the bones…

  2. Mike Francesa Says:

    Writer Chris Illuminati of Philly Blurbs said this after viewing the video, “video proof that the Dog won’t bark about any particulars of the rough patch he and Mike are going through.” http://blogs.phillyburbs.com/blog_index.php/?p=31789

    Neil Best, who broke the story for Newsday, said after viewing the video, “I heard that live yesterday. Weird, but amusing! Thanks. Neil”

    Now appearing in Deadspin’s report on the matter: http://deadspin.com/5021276/mike-and-the-mad-dog-divorce-inevitable

  3. thewowjonesreport Says:

    we’ll just have to see about that won’t we?

    I’ll believe WFAN’ll break up their successful duo when I see it.


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