I have nothing against golf. It’s a great sport.

On the other hand I generally DESPISE the people who play golf. I don’t know about you, but the only place I know of where you can still  openly hear men making ethnic and racist jokes is the country club. I’m talking full-on slurs of women and minorities.

Country clubs are the last bastian of racism in America. Therefore people who grow up in that atmosphere are oblivious to the social  norms of most others. They think nothing of slurring minorities and women. Not only do country club members do it on a regular basis but they THINK in those terms. Country clubs are inherently racist. That’s why when a guy like Fuzzy Zoeller looks at Tiger Woods he doesn’t see a great golfer. He automatically thinks of “fried chicken and collard greens.”

In the past PGA golfers or announcers have publicly slurred African Americans, women, gays, Asians, American Indians, and the handicapped among others. Golf announcers don’t even have a problem using the term “lynching” when referring to Tiger Woods.

Now you can add Italians to the list of ethnic groups slurred by PGA announcers. Awful Announcing reports that NBC announcer Johnny Miller has been forced to apologize “for comments that appeared to reflect negatively on the Italian heritage” of golfer Rocco Mediate.

During NBC’s U.S. Open coverage, Miller referred to Mediate as “a pool guy” and said, “guys with the name of Rocco don’t get on the trophy, do they?”

The apology was the result of a letter written to NBC by the head of the National Italian American Foundation. He wrote,

“We are certain that NBC and Mr. Miller meant no harm and was simply having some fun at the expense of Italian Americans. Nonetheless, this type of humor is problematic as it reinforces a demeaning and damaging stereotype about an entire ethnic group.”

A golf announcer using demeaning ethnic stereotypes?

What a shock.

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  1. bobby Says:

    i absolutely agree with everything you said here. golf courses are the biggest waste of land in this country. fat, rich. mostly white, arrogant, cigar smoking, jackoffs. every last one of them. and, yes, inherently racist. i was a caddie in the 70’s and heard all kinds of shit. things that would get people fired and stoned to death these days. i agree, piggy. the only good thing to ever come out of golf was “caddyshack”.

  2. pgreg Says:

    Responts…You are way too sensitive and way too angry on this issue. I heard the comment live and I thought nothing of it. Now, with the passage of time and having thought it through with greater scrutiny, I still think nothing of it. Settle down and stop playing the “gotcha” game. Political correctness is out of control, don’t let it suck you in too.

  3. JayChurch Says:

    Give me a break! You guys are a bunch of idiots. I’m not even going to waste my time writing a long response to this article, but grow up and stop taking golf announcing so seriously! Yes, golf announcing!

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