For the last several months Tampa talk radio host, Steve Duemig, has been a man on a mission. He is leading a one-man effort to get the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers to release tight end Jerramy Stevens because of his extensive criminal background.

Duemig’s criticism of Stevens received national attention because his radio station, WDAE, is actually the flagship station of the Buccaneers.

Duemig has been particularly critical of Stevens’ problems with drinking and driving. The tight end has actually been suspended by the league for the first two games of the upcoming season because of another DUI conviction.

In an astonishing bit of irony, Duemig himself was arrested in Florida and charged with DUI.


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  1. ron diaz Says:

    First off it’s WDAE. This is “Big Dawgs” 3rd arrest which in Florida constitutes a 3rd degree felony. Of course he will not do 5 years in prison but if found guilty by law he must do a minimum of 30 days in county jail. His vehicle will have installed a that requires him to blow into it in order to let it start. He aslo is facing a license suspention & probably probation. My prediction is 30 days in jail followed by fines and 3 years probation. Should he violate his probation especially if it’s alcohol related could result in a lenghty jail term. In Florida judges love to serve offenders to 1 year & 1 day in jail. You can only serve 365 days in county jail. By adding 1 day means a trip up the road….prison. so keep your nose clean DAWG or you might be staying in Orlando for a while…

  2. Kurt Says:

    This guy is a disgrace to your company. He is the biggest hipocrit there is and he is continually given a pass. Maybe he should go on one of his campains to get himself FIRED instead of wasting our time listening to him defend these washed up bums (Galloway, Clayton, McFarland to name a few). I hope the station some day walks in and unexpectedly hands him a pink slip so that he can (as a convicted FELON) go out and find a job (the world needs ditch diggers too Steve!!!)

  3. Scott Says:

    Correction. Steve Duemig’s issue with Jerramy Stevens related to (1) his rape of a college student and (2) his severe beating of a person. The DUI didn’t help, but he’s NEVER hammered a guy solely based on a DUI.

  4. Jerramy Stevens Says:

    Scott you must one of the many loyal @ss kissing puppets Duemig has. Just like he says about Gruden you must have drunk from Duemig’s Koolaid. Why defend the undefendible? Jerramy Stevens might not be an angel by no stretch of anyone’s imagination but Duemig should not be the one calling out another on their character flaws. Seriously why even defend this douche bag Duemig?

  5. Tom Says:

    Duemig is just a hypocritical idiot. It’s a darn shame that their is no other local sports radio shows in the bay area, WDAE has become noxious from the Ron and Ian “hey, we’re really cool local celebrities” show to Duemig’s daily hypocrisy fest. He contradicts himself constantly and when called on it, hangs up on the caller after yelling at them. Not sure who in management he caught with an underage prostitute, but his talent ain’t what keeps him working.

  6. Steve DUImig Says:

    How dare you question me for my character flaws. My character and credibility are impeccable. Remember when I told you guys that the Bucs would be sold and shipped to LA? Or do you remember when I told you guys the Chris Landry was incapable of committing plagiarism? How about when I announced on the radio that a second drowning victim had been found alive by the Coast Guard? You see. Tiime and again I have correct and all my sources have never failed me. Professional courtesy and integrity in journalism is what I strive for. And if we can mix it in with a little rum and coke and some gambling then all is good.

  7. Pete Says:

    He’s a hack and a wannabee…..I have inside information from people who know him and can’t stand him as a human being. He would freak out if he knew who I was…(he’s referred to by his “friends” as “Big-Douche”..They say this behind his back.

  8. Billy Says:

    Steve Duemig is a patriot. It’s that simple. He’s the type of guy that you want to marry your daughter. He’s the guy you pat on the back when you’re knee deep in it. He’s the man you want on your side when “radio” based coast guard come to articulate their demands. Sure, he’s had a couple of DUIs. Sure, he could have easily killed someone while driving drunk. Sure, he could have killed a single mother driving her only son to baseball practice. Sure, he could have slammed into a car killing the driver and leaving the others in the car without a father or husband. The point is, John Gruden is the devil and he should be convicted for impersonating a police officer and telling lies to the government.

  9. Mike Says:

    i’d rather shove dog-shit directly into my ears then listen to the KING OF THE REDNECKS, Steve Douchebag Duemig….the BIGG LOGG.

    to anybody with a brain, it’s clear that the bigg logg is a big fat, WC fields looking, hypocritical asshole. as long as this town is full of stupid rednecks, he’ll have an audience….he’s the King of the Rednecks who leads a CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES!!!!! 🙂

    PS: Steer clear of politics Steve, you have zero idea about which you speak. Stick to what you know: drunk driving, masturbation & college football. idiot.

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