I’ve always said that, when it comes to judging sports organizations, you can’t fix stupid. Teams that have losing records rarely confine their imcompetence to ON the field. Those organizations usually treat their players and fans the same-LIKE CRAP. That’s why bad sports franchises suck year after year after year.

The latest example of this comes from our nation’s capital. The Washington Nationals have decided it’s now official team policy to make shirtless male fans cover up at the ballpark. According to the Nationals it is “indecent exposure” for men to take their shirts off at a baseball game.

That’s right, no shoes, no shirts, no admittance to Washington Nationals baseball games.

The story came to light after a shocked Nationals fan was forced to cover up at a recent game. The man wrote a letter to the editor which was published in The Washington Post under the catchy title “Something to Get Off My Chest.” In part, the man’s letter read:


Last Sunday, a few of my friends and I decided to brave the scorching heat and watch the Washington Nationals play the San Francisco Giants. The heat index was going to be over 100, but that didn’t stop us from going to RFK…

Around the third inning, a ballpark employee informed me and a friend that we would have to put our shirts back on. We were told it was illegal and considered “indecent exposure.” We pointed out the many other shirtless men, and she assured us she was getting to them as well. We were dumbstruck.

We were not drunk, loud or rude. We were simply sitting in our seats watching the game. As this was happening, I thought about how we and many other fans had just spent a considerable amount of money to support the Nationals. This is how we are treated? If it is illegal to have your shirt off, I had better be careful when I go running on the Mall.

Even after this embarrassing story came to light the Nationals are sticking to their guns. The Post talked to the team’s director of communications who says the National’s Guest Code of Conduct states, “Obscene or indecent clothing will not detract from the guest experience.” She says the Nationals interpret this to mean men have to wear their shirts at the ballpark.

Keep in mind this is the same city where the professional football team ENCOURAGES its fans to wear no shirt:


Or to dress like this:


And don’t even get me started on Georgetown basketball fans:

Yet, the idiots with the Nationals continue to maintain it is ILLEGAL for a man to take his shirt off at the baseball park.

The city’s professional soccer team, D.C. United, realizing how stupid the National’s policy is, issued a statement which said,

“The passion of our supporters cannot possibly be contained by clothing,”

When you get outmarketed by a Major League Soccer team you are truly one of the most inept franchises in sports.

Even the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department was forced to take a position on the issue. A police spokesman said CATEGORICALLY anywhere in the District “If a male takes off his shirt it’s not considered indecent exposure.”

A poll in The Washington Post is running about 50/50 on the issue. Slightly more than half the people polled think it’s unamerican to not be able to kick back at the ballpark on a hot day with a beer and your shirt off. The rest think there are too many fat, sweaty guys with no shirts running around already.

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  1. Chuck Moser Says:

    Whoever said that “stupid” can’t be measured in human terms was right on the money. The fan experience has been watered down over the years with exorbitant ticket prices, concession prices that border on a 5-star restaurant menu, and generally increasingly restrictive rules that are making the trip to the ballpark less and less welcoming.

    If they want fans to keep their shirts on they need to build a multibillion dollar air conditioned environment where no one sits in 90 degree- 100% humidity seats.

    What will the self-indulgent front office folks do when the fans stop coming and paying their big salaries?

    Whoever made this bazaar decision is probably the president of their local HOA and feels that their position allows them to make their own laws which in turn feeds their ego. They need a reality check.

    Without happy fans there is no America’s favorite pasttime.

    I am a loyal fan and player for over 50 years and still playing organized adult hardball. Keep the game we love for the fans and not the narcissistic front office small minds.

    Thank you

  2. Tony Says:

    So, are shirtless men now not allowed at beaches, parks, as joggers, or at the pool? Let’s slip back into a religiously suffocative environment of the 1800s where a shirt was required even to bathe. How friggin sad!

    • Nathan Says:

      I agree. I think more men should be shirtless (the ones with decent bodies), for showing the beauty of a well maintained body. Those who are complaining about it are probably fat, and definitely have self-esteem and image issues with themselves. They’re just jealous and want to stop others from this freedom.

  3. Nathan Says:

    Men have been going shirtless for thousands of years. Why stop now? I have a nice body, and model. I like to be shirtless as much as possible. Don’t punish the good looking guys because fat guys want to take off their shirts. Besides think of it this way… If a city/county/state/etc…whatever wants to make men being shirtless illegal, then think of all the clothing ads that will have to stop for swimwear/underware, etc… Grow up people, being shirtless is desired by many guys. Don’t be jealous of those who go shirtless because you don’t have a hot body because you eat badly and don’t exercise. To me, anyone who says shirtless males is indecent exposure is probably out of shape, and even more so, insecure of their own self-image. Stop being a whining baby. Grow up and leave the issue alone.

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