This weekend on The Blog we brought you the story that first ran in the New York Post about MTV reality tv star/MySpace queen Tila Tequila being a “closet heterosexual.” (Not the bisexual slut she plays on television.)

In an interview with King magazine which is out today Tequila addresses those rumors:


King mag: What about the people who say you’re not really bisexual—that you’re hetero and just pretending for the show? Care to set the record, uh, straight?

Tequila: They can suck my dick.

In the interview Tila Tequila shockingly admits she used to be a stripper:


“When I was 18 and still in high school, I was a stripper for a while, because I was trying to save up money to move to Hollywood to become this bisexual Hollywood starlet that I am today.”


Equally shocking, her name isn’t really Tila Tequila:

Well, my name is Tila, but I got “Tequila” when I was 13. I was hanging with a bunch of friends, we drank tequila for the first time and I puked all over the place. I was really embarrassed, and the next day at school everybody had heard about it. They were winking and laughing and started calling me Tila Tequila. The name kind of stuck with me ever since. It’s got a catchy ring to it, you know?”

Tequila also says that while in high school she got into enough criminal trouble to be put in Special Ed classes:

“When I was younger, I was foolish and would rob houses and stupid things like that, but I’ve paid my dues. They actually sent me away to a correctional facility for bad kids. They put us on those small, special school buses.”

Tequila also tells the story about once inviting one of her high school teachers to watch her dance at a strip club:

“I invited my history teacher, who was also the football coach, and I had a big crush on him. I told him that he needed to come visit me and that I wouldn’t tell anybody. He was very tempted, I’m sure, but he never did show up.”

I guess that would make him the only person who HASN’T had sex with Tila Tequila.


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  1. bobby Says:

    i’d do her
    and at this rate, i should get my chance in about 2 or 3 years
    headlining soon at the rhino!!!

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