So, do you think fired Seattle Mariners general manager Bill Bavasi is a little bitter?

After finally being let go by a disastrous Mariners team, Bavasi lashed out at the guy who is primarily responsible for getting him fired-“ace” pitcher Erik Bedard.

In an interview with columnist Jerry Brewer of the Seattle Times, Bavasi was asked about Bedard’s REFUSING to throw more than 99 pitches a game. Said Bavasi,


“You gotta ask him. Good luck. And he’s gonna have some stupid answer, some dumbass answer.”



Ouch! And that’s coming from the guy who mortgaged his team’s future to get Bedard and and spent the entire offseason pursuing him. The pitcher who was touted as an “ace” number one starter actually has a grand total of ONE complete game in his entire career.

Bavasi acquired Bedard from the Baltimore Orioles this spring, believing him to be the final piece of the puzzle that would lead the Mariners to a division title. Instead, the team has tanked. Seattle has the worst record in baseball and Bedard is a convenient scapegoat for the Mariners problems.

Bavasi spent the entire winter trying to pry Bedard from the Orioles. Unfortunately he succeeded. Bavasi gave Baltimore five players in exchange for Bedard including the team’s best hitting prospect (Adam Jones) and best pitching prospect (Chris Tillman). Bavasi even sent left-handed relief pitcher George Sherrill to the Orioles as a “throw-in.” All Sherrill has done is lead the American League in saves for most of the season’s first half piling up 22. That has to be particularly galling for Bavasi whose Seattle bullpen has been a disaster this year with the injury of closer J.J. Putz.

The Mariners front office envisioned Bedard teaming with young Felix Hernandez to give Seattle the top 1-2 starting pitchers in the American League. Instead, Bedard has been mediocre at best for Seattle with a 4-4 record and an ERA of 4.26.

The Bedard trade has been such a disaster that the Mariners are reportedly already looking to trade the sourpuss lefty. Bedard has even managed to piss off the usually docile Seattle media by constantly acting like a jackass to reporters.

Granted, Bedard isn’t the sole reason for the sinking of this year’s S.S. Mariners ship. On his way out the door, Bavasi ripped the current Mariners squad as “dysfunctional” and a team of “nice guys who think they are trying hard.” (see Richie Sexson)

“It’s really ironic that the person we’re missing the most is Jose Guillen,” he said. “That is the piece that was here last year is not here this year. He could do some strange things, and he did, but at the top of his agenda was to win, and if anybody got in the way of playing the game right, he had no patience with that. That was his boiling point.”

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2 Responses to “ERIK BEDARD IS A LOSER”

  1. pgreg Says:

    The Mariners problem is not solely Bavasi’s doing. Granted, he should have gotten a front line power hitter to play right field when Guillen left, but this team clearly lacks leadership. Raul Ibanez is their best player and he just is not a rah rah guy. Ichiro is almost scary calm and not about to lead this team, the language barrier doesn’t help. Same for Jojima. Beltre, Bettancourt and Lopez are good players, but not leaders and Sexson is lucky to be playing. He’s only there because of his HUGE contract (Bavasi).

    Clearly the problem is in the dugout and MacLaren has to be singled out. Aside from his phony tantrum a week or so ago, this guy blends in with the furniture. He is not a leader of men, he’s a figurehead. A good baseball man no doubt, but give me a Piniella-type any day.

  2. Kurt Says:

    Just looking at the banner you have on this page tells me all I need to know about your “insights” into Bedard… I don’t care if he’s standoffish towards the press, good for him, since they roast on a spit anyone that doesn’t play like prime years Griffey… I like having two guys I can run out there twice each in a 7 game series and pitch count is a fools argument since his 98 pitches per outing are better than 60% of the league and his stuff is better than 95% of the league and he knows how to pitch better than 90% of the league, making him an ace in my eyes… His one terrible start in Texas was a lot to do with getting the signs mixed up with Johjima, notice the problem since then, that’s right there hasn’t been one and 5-6 innings of 1-2 ER ball is a whole lot better than 7 IP and 3 or 4 ER, occasional bad starts not included, we have the bullpen to turn most of those into wins and Felix, Silva, and Washburn eat enough innings that it shouldn’t matter… Erik gives us a chance to win every time out on the mound whether we do or don’t and that my friend is the definition of an ace, not some sabermetric crap that people who pretend to know about baseball throw out there to sound knowledgeable… I feel for someone who feels compelled to rip a guy before he’s even settled into the city and nobody gave this guy a chance to embrace the city and that’s unfortunate, especially since all we gave up was an average lefty reliever, a drunk and disoriented version of Ichiro, two young pitchers that will amount to the type of prospect that ends up producing like pre-knuckleball Dickey when he got hit harder and more often than a hooker holding out on her pimp and finally we gave up a #2 or #3 type pitcher, sounds like about a 1/3 of what Arizona gave up for Haren and I’d take my chances with Bedard in a one game winner take all against Arizona and Haren, yes I think Haren is great, but Bedard is Cy Young capable if he ever settles down in one place long enough to focus on his pitching… Do I think Bedard will re-sign with the Mariners… Well three things that support this thought:

    One, when asked how he liked the 90 degree heat before his Boston start he said, “I don’t, I like 60s.” I guess that’s a ringing endorsement of Seattle since few teams offer that type of climate all summer long…

    Two, when the personal cook for the Mariners organization was asked what Bedard gets, he said that Bedard tends to come down to the kitchen and talk with him regularly and he’s a great guy and very friendly, just likes his privacy, but that he loves the city, the stadium, and the organization in general.

    Three, when it comes to dollars minus being on the “media radar” there are few cities that are capable of combining the resources to pay him top dollar with the exclusivity of being away from the bright lights of New York, Boston, Chicago, and L.A., which leads me to believe that if we kept him until free agency and were unwilling to sign him before that, we would be able to benefit from offering him arbitration and with his first steps into free agency, he may realize how nice Seattle would be as his in-season home.

    Say whatever you want about Bedard, but I see no negatives from having Bedard here and most importantly, everyone not named Kenji Johjima likes him in the clubhouse and that’s way bigger than his lack of love for the press!

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