Yesterday disgraced NBA referee Tim Donaghy came out with some veiled allegations about other NBA officials possibly altering the outcome of games and questioned their integrity.

Originally I wasn’t even going to post on this topic. It’s obvious that Donaghy is a liar and a scumbag as well as a degenerate gambler who’s just trying to save his own sorry ass with the Feds.

But, Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports makes a great point.

According to Wojnarowski’s latest column, commissioner David Stern and the NBA is only having to face this new round of accusations by Donaghy because of their own cheapness.

As Wojnarowski points out, Donaghy is a broken man. He has already lost his career, his reputation, his family and soon his freedom over his gambling and ties to organized crime.

Stern and the league are unhappy that under federal laws they are still required to eventually pay Donaghy a pension. They are further angered that Donaghy is trying to get out of serving any jail time for his role in betting on NBA games while being employed as a league ref.

Whether motivated by spite or greed, LAST WEEK the NBA filed a letter with federal probation officials. They are seeking $1 million in restitution damages from Donaghy. The league claims that’s the amount they invested in developing the rogue ref. 

According to Wojnarowski seeking “blood money” from Donaghy is beneath the league. Besides, the guy is flat broke. He was a bad gambler, with a ton of legal fees who’s currently going through a divorce in a community property state.

Good luck getting one nickle out of Donaghy. The NBA should have known better and taken the high road.


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  1. bobby Says:

    he may be a lowlife and a rat but it doesn’t mean everything he says is untrue. most people know better than to lie to the feds and that’s where this is coming from. with the amount of lying, cheating, swindling, corporate crimes, and other forms of thievery and dishonesty so prelevant in american society today… how can you completely discount this?
    and maybe i’m just being bitter and cynical, but would you REALLY be surprised to find out a few years from now that it was mostly true?

    david stern must resign now

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