The website Awful Announcing managed to dig up a piece on Chris Berman from the San Diego paper this weekend. Responding to his mulitude of critics, Berman actually compares himself to a rock star and Willie Mays,


“You can’t fault me. I’ve been doing it for 28½ years, but maybe this guy heard it for the first time. I view myself as not a rock star, but if you go to see Rod Stewart, at some point you want to hear him sing ‘Maggie May.’ You don’t want to hear him sing ‘Maggie May’ 50 times. But I owe it to the audience to sing ‘Maggie May.’

“I still put a smile on people’s faces. I’ll never be Willie Mays falling down in center field. I’ll know way before anybody else that it’s time to go. So, sure, there’s going to be shots like ‘Yeah, we’ve heard it,’ but what do you expect? What do you want? You want somebody else, then get somebody else.”


In evaluating his own performance as a golf announcer, Berman proclaimed himself a man of the people-only better,


“You’d say, ‘Boy, this guy did his homework.’ The history of it is intriguing to me. The players, many of whom I know personally, and the caddies. I go out and I play the course. I’m just having a good time.”


And, according to this weekend’s article, the usually stuffy golf executives are nearly as happy with Berman as he is with himself:


The U.S. Open guys love him on it,” said John Skipper of ESPN. They position themselves as the people’s golf tournament and Chris is the personification of that. . . . He’s knowledgeable and passionate. For us it’s a no-brainer (to use him).”

No Brainer is certainly the right term to use in this case.


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