Once again there will be no Triple Crown winner in horse racing this year. Big Brown not only failed to win the Belmont Stakes but he became the biggest loser in horse racing history Saturday. America’s new favorite horse not only lost the race but finished DEAD LAST. 38-1 longshot Da’ Tara won the race.

Ten different horses had failed on the third leg of racing’s Triple Crown since Affirmed won the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont in 1978. None of those horses failed as spectacularly as Big Brown.

Although other horses had won the first two Triple Crown races before, this time it felt different. Expectations were HUGE. Big Brown was EXPECTED to win the race. After all, his own trainer called Big Brown’s Triple Crown victory “a foregone conclusion.” Experts were predicting stud fees of $100,000 a shot (literally) if Big Brown won this race. Let’s not forget this was the first horse ever with his own Hooters contract.

Following the race jockey Ken Desormeaux threw his horse under the bus.

“I had no horse,” said Desormeaux following the race.

The horse’s owner was looking to place the blame elsewhere. Facing the media after the race, he said the last place finish was “not the horse’s fault.” Trainer Rick Dutrow Jr. had been drawing criticism for his handling of the horse all week. As beloved as Big Brown was by the racing public, Dutrow was equally despised.

Facing a possible HUGE payday with a Belmont win and the certain immortality that would come with horse racing’s first Triple Crown victory in 30 years, Dutrow decided to run Big Brown in the Belmont despite the horse having a cracked hoof. Dutrow has also had a sordid history with performance enhancing drugs in the horse racing industry.

Big Brown is without a doubt the most popular sports figure EVER that has used steroids. He also used the blood thinner Lasix throughout his career. Those drugs are not banned at ALL racetracks and it’s not like the horse can shoot HIMSELF up with drugs. But, obviously many in the media had no trouble blasting the acerbic, unlikable Dutrow following the race.




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6 Responses to “BIG BROWN IS A LOSER”

  1. Kitty Says:

    Loser? He finished last because the jockey knew he didn’t have a horse, and eased him up. You can see him take the horse wide and bring him back. I’m sure he could have whipped him into a better finish, but he did the right thing by realizing he didn’t have a horse and saving Big Brown for another day.

  2. Big Fan Says:

    Any horse that takes the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness is a Winner in my book.

  3. drhiii Says:

    This is too easy people. Too easy…

    Since I have not been wrong very often in the last 25 years, you should pay attention.

    The failure to win the triple crown, again, is symtomatic of the American culture. Do you get that people? Do you get that?

    The mention of the use of steroids is just the beginning of the story people.

    Now listen carefully. We have not had a winner of the Triple Crown for a long time because we use a lot of methods, to win. Steriods is one. But there are many. We, as Americans, have become quite familiar of winning in the short term. We have no goddammed clue about winning, and sustaining. The operative word is sustainibility. Sustained marriages, sustained relationships, sustained anything. We are talking about the horse, the trainer, the owners, everything, like it this is arrived at through hard work. Well, in some ways, it is.

    This is way to obvious to me. Way too obvious. I am telling you, WAY too obvious. It was revealed that the horse has monthly steroid injections. If you haven’t noticed, steroids help, in the short term. This horse however had an injection in mid April. That was it. There were no steroids since. Newsflash… it was obvious. Coming around the last turn, the horse had nothing. The rider said so. If you noticed, the horse was laboring from almost the start. As the jockey said, he had no horse when he needed it. The hoof split was a problem. The horse did not train like it normally would have. All obvious problems.

    But… steroids. It didn’t have the sustainable juice to make it run, faster, abnormally. C’mon folks, how hard is this? The horser had no gas. It was laboring from almost the start. It was partially not being able to train normally, but normal coupled with steroids. I mean, this is too easy. There was so much conversation about the horse being a great athlete. Well, I for one find this projection of human traits on a horse to be yet again, folly. Great athlete. C’mon. It might have been a great horse. There may have been great horse in 5000 BC that would have run this horse into the ground. This horse was juiced to run. Where this horse woul dhav ebeen useful is if it had sustained its master, in say, battle. But it didn’t sustain it usefullness in a race.

    It is easier when one wonders why there has not been a triple crown winner in 30 some odd years. It is a replication of the American culture. This also also REALLY easy. We do not create sustainibility. In our culture. We build opportuities in outr culture. To sleep with someone with less danger of outcomes. That being STDs or birth. Or applying sex as a sport rather than a responsibility. We do not engender sustainiblity. Fre agency. It goes on and on.

    So, why would a horse going after this crown be expected to attain this goal? So much of it is based on luck, fortune, oportunity, and a slew of other things. So why would we expect this horse, and corporation, and culture, to attain this goal. I wanted this horse to win the triple crown very bady, because it would have suggested at the very least, some semblance of sustained culture. I mean, I really twanted him to win today. Not for the money. Not for the fame. Not for history. Not for a lot of reasons. But to give me a sliver of reminder of some kind of sustainable history. But alas, it reminded me of what we are really about… that of the quick, short term, quick hit, immediate fixed, relationship, with anything. Big Brown was yet another in a long line of two night stands. It is in my not humble at all opinion, the symptoms of what a loosly sustained culture is about. And no, I am not a born again, evangelical, holier than tho person. I am a product of the 60s and 70, and 80s, and 90s, that is responsible for why Big Brown did not win, but spent a hell of a lot of air time talking about he possibility of that possiblity. I really wanted this horse to win, for me, and for the nation. To give me an imagination of what it is to sustain, any damned thing.

    But alas, it was a predictable result. I hate the outcome. I wanted it for me. And for my family. And for my country. But in a nation of liars, and cheats, and stealers… in a nation of the New England Patriots, and Barry Bonds, and Duke Cunninghams, nd and Dick Cheneys, and George Bush, and Condi Rice, and Don Rumsfeld, and Enron, and the list goes very, very long…. I wanted this horse to win. Because even in a time of monthly steroids shots, when it is extremely hard for even legal enhancements of steroid shots cannot sustain a horse to win a triple crown, I want something real to sustain me. My parents have had a 55 yarer marriage, and are still going strong. I look to that. I look to the that, and other very simple yet sustained events, to give me faith, that these things are still possible. i do not blame the horse. It ran what it ran. It was obvious it was not its day. To win this event is extremely difficult. But I feel in this day and time, it is extremely difficult to sustain anything without enhancements. I will look to the entities that can maintain the constructs of sustainiblity, to hope.

    If this country does not come to grps that sustainibility is the key, in a marriage, in a horse race, in commerce, any anything, is not something to be desired, well, we deserve exactly what we get. The loss today is to me, unquestionably what we are as a culture. Quick, unsustained hitters. I will pick Lou Gehrig any day of the week. Disease or no disease. Because it was about sustainibility. If we do not aspire to that as a nation, we are in a word, fucked. And I feel the failure of Big Brown to win today is a metaphor of what we are as a quick hit nation, and an utter lack of sustainable nation of ethics, of a lot of things.

    If you thin I am spouting off a lot of boo hoo loss stuff today, look around you. The total run up of the accolades towards Big Brown reminds me of Walter Peyton and the Chicago of the Chicago Bears when they wen tto the Super Bowl, where there was so much pub foisted on Peyton, that he would do well, he deserved it, that the Bears would ride his shoulders, an a whole lot of preamble hoopla, only to have himk to diddly squat during the game, contrib practically nothing, and while they still won, it was very typical of the trend of American culture to predicate outcomes that almost NEVER come to fact. I mean people all this is too easy.

    Anyone who predicates outcomes should be sent out to sea and dropped off with no more than a life vest to swin back, because that is what we are. A nation of unsustainable projectionists. We have nary a clue of what it is to sustain things anymore. Which is why we get our ass kicked in horse racing, military actions, and the werks. I mean, how hard is this? Did Big Brown let me down today? Nawp. What let me down was my perpetual optimism towards faith in a winner that is arrived at via non sustainable standards anymore. We are a nation of TV viewers
    of Oprah, 24, and the nightly news, which is not news.

    My disappointment is in myself, of letting myself get caught up in the possbility of a sustained winner. Shame on me. This is why we as a nation as getting our ass kicked now… and if anyone does not understand this, you are an idiot and you get exactly what you deserve, which is what we are as a nation. Strive for sustainibility as a people, and then we may have a chance for not so much greatness, but at the very least… sustainibility.

    Do I sounds disappointed? Yes. Mainly, in myself. I should have known Big Brown was going to lose today. We are after all a nation of losers. We have been since 1972. It is too easy people. It is too easy. If you deny my words, or accept the status quo, you are sheeple accepting our culture as-is. Case made. I however, do not.

  4. Chris Iafolla Says:

    As impassioned an argument as you have made here, I think you are vastly oversimplfying why Big Brown lost, and perhaps more importantly, what it all means. I won’t argue the idea that our culture has strayed from a sense of comittment (I’m not sure sustainability) is the right word. That certainly is a fact. But in an effort to communicate our views, let’s not use horce racing as a microcausm for society. It was a horse race–nothing more, nothing less. The fact that the Belmont is the longest and most grueling leg of the Triple Crown had as much to do with Big Brown’s loss as anything you insuniate here.

    Horse racing is not a microcausm of our society, it is a horse race. A break from our normal culture. I think you make an impassioned argument that makes some sense when you boil it down to its roots, but using horce racing as the basis for this plea is off base. Thanks.

  5. Enough Already Says:

    Thanks for a sensible reply, Chris. drhiii was driving me nuts; he should be in the nuthouse.

  6. bobby Says:

    i cant believe he wrote all that shit about a fucking horse. you’re right about the culture and all ,i guess, but, geezuz…. what did you lose on this race? it had to be more than money..

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