Legendary film actress Bridget Bardot has been found guilty of “inciting racial hatred” in her native France. She was fined $23,325.



  1. norris miles Says:

    She is unfortunately dead right ! Muslims are the invaders and are sysematically wrecking France with their demands and their horrible cruel customs ! They should never have come to france in such numbers and should not abuse a beautiul country that has given them such succour

    • terenzio Says:

      the truth is there for all to see,,but people are to stupid to open there eyes,muslims??christians catholics ?? these people are not pulling the strings in your country

  2. norris miles Says:

    Muslims are invaders they do not belong in france in such numbers !

  3. norris miles Says:

    are you telling me that my comments will not be published

  4. norris miles Says:

    Muslims bacxk to the desert lands form whence they came and take their religion , their hatred and their vicious behaviour with them

  5. Ron March Says:

    America helped rid the country of invaders 65 years ago. Sadly, we don’t have the stomach for such a noble gesture anymore. The French will have to stand up and be counted, following the example of their own, Ms. Bridgette Bardot. Viva la France

  6. felix krull Says:

    bridget is most beautiful woman in kino history!

  7. An American Says:


    You once were hot. Now you are not. Since you are frog, your opinion regarding Sarah Palin carries less weight than your porcine french frame. Shut up.



  8. Ph.royD. Says:

    So Lafayette, let me get this straight. Since Bridget was once hot and now is not means her opinion counts for nothing. I could say the same for you having such a narrow mind to even be able to make a statement suggesting that unless one is young and beautiful they don’t matter. Kind of reminds me of the shallowness and superficiality that is embodied in Sarah Palin. If your age and beauty thing is true, then we have nothing to fear from Bridget, being old and decrepit or frog as you say, and everything to fear from Sarah Palin, who in my opinion could be one of the most potentially dangerous women in the history of the planet.

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