This month’s edition of Rolling Stone magazine has a feature on Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White. Although White admits in the article “I swear a lot” and “I’m a classless moron” the article is very favorable towards him.

Rumors about the upcoming UFC article have been making the rounds on chat rooms and various internet sites, but this article is more about White than the UFC itself. The lead in the Rolling Stone article sets the tone for the entire story:

The way things are going, Dana White, president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, may soon be hailed as the greatest sports promoter ever, of all time, bigger even than boxing’s Don King, bigger even than pro wrestling’s Vince McMahon.

In fact, the UFC itself is a literal sidebar to Rolling Stone. To them the story is Dana White. Even the online UFC story features a picture of White. And White does nothing to dissuade Rolling Stone from its premise that it’s him, not the fighters, that makes UFC.

White and the UFC have recently had some very public battles with fighters Randy Couture and Tito Ortiz over money.


See, this is the one part of the business I f-ing hate. Everybody wants more money, they want it now. And then all these fighters are like, ‘We’re the superstars, not the UFC! It should all be about us.’ You dumb motherf-s. You don’t know what you’re f-ing with. I’m a promoter. And a lot of this s- is built with smoke and mirrors.

If there was ever any doubt, the Rolling Stone article makes one thing crystal clear-White works for UFC. Not the fighters.

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