This from Deceiver.com :

Have you noticed that actor Woody Harrelson doesn’t do many movies anymore? That’s because Harrelson has dropped out of mainstream society and is living in semi-seclusion in Hawaii. Deceiver.com says,


He lives in a farming village in Hawaii where there are no shops and everyone uses solar power. A committed vegan, he eats mostly raw foods. He goes through a ton of weed, which may be his biggest carbon emission because his car runs on biodiesel fuel.

Now, according to Deceiver, Harrelson is planning a 40-day fast during which he does nothing but surf all day:


“I know it’s going to be really hard, but can you imagine it? Eating nothing for 40 days? Swimming and surfing every day in a remote place? Where does the mind go?”

Actually, the mind boggles.

Don’t worry. With as much weed as Woody Harrelson smokes, what are the chances of him going 40 days withour getting the munchies? Or even REMEMBERING he’s fasting.

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  1. bobby Says:

    ok, piggy. what exactly is it in this story that you consider so “insane”?
    getting far away from the millions of assholes living in los angeles?
    living in a rural area?
    using solar power?
    being a vegan? (not my choice but whatever…)
    using a car that runs on bio-deisel?
    must be the pot smoking thing,eh?
    so, you’re saying EVERYONE that smokes pot is insane?
    or a “hippie”?
    boy, piggy, that’s a pretty broad comment
    over 40 million smokers in america alone, all insane…
    that’s some pretty clinton-esque theorizing, piggy.

    i’m looking at the picture and he looks no more insane than, say, nick nolte’s mugshot? or amy whitehouse ANY day? so, what’s so insane?

    after having a wildly successful tv series and two (arguably) iconic movies, “white men” and “natural born killers”, he told the hollywood system to go fuck themselves, moved to hawaii, and fucks off all day smoking dope and surfing. what’s the bad part?

    sounds like nirvana to me and bobby don’t surf…sorry, piggy, i gotts call bullshit on this one..

  2. funkspiel Says:

    yeah, sounds pretty sweet to me. sounds like some envy going on here.

  3. stupidstupidstupid Says:

    So what is insane about what he’s doing?
    I guess Mr. Phelps is insane as well.
    SO he’s decided to be actually care for and enjoy the planet and her gifts, that makes him insane.

    I think people that think he’s insane are the ones that are insane.

  4. Mr. Grimm Says:

    Woody Harrelson stopped smoking marijuana a long time ago.

    He talks all about it in his documentary Go Further.

    Hemp activism does not necessary denote a stoner.

  5. Jef Says:

    Woody may have stopped a long time ago, but he has, in that case started smoking again since then.

    Of course, I’m not dogging him, since I smoke weed every now and then. I met him and shared my weed with him at a Ziggy Marley concert in Maui in the Summer of ’09 (Sorry, Mr. Grimm).

    From my experience meeting him, I believe he is actually a very down-to-earth person. He, like any other celebrities that live on Maui, just want to live a low-key life where people appreciate him as a person regardless of his celebrity status.

    As a note to anyone who wants to talk down on people who go against social norms, he seems to be very content with his life. He was a very pleasent person, and I was honored to meet him, as I would be honored to meet anyone as friendly and laid back as he is.

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