A Nevada state assemblywoman has been arrested after stabbing her new husband with a steak knife.

The two-term Republican was arrested after her husband checked himself into Summerlin hospital claiming Allen attacked him during an argument in the couple’s home.  Allen (shown in the above mugshot) was charged with domestic violence and battery.

According to the police report,


Allen accused him of embarrassing her in front of friends.  The argument moved to the kitchen, where [the husband] claims Allen grabbed a knife and “was just trying to make a point” when she stabbed him in the arm.

Since it’s Nevada, hubby then drove himself to the hospital with the knife sticking out of his arm. Upon arriving at the hospital the man tried to change his story to protect his wife,


…saying he did not want to get her in trouble, adding that he had been to jail and it is “a very bad place.”

With her perfect rating by the NRA, perhaps Francis should have shot him and avoided all the embarrassment.

Francis was elected to the Assembly in 2004. She represents the 4th district of Clark County which is actually a quite affluent area of Las Vegas.




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