Last week the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric set the record for the program’s all-time lowest ratings and viewers in the history of the network.

For the week ending May 19, just 5,330,00 people watched the CBS network news broadcast. That’s the third time CBS has set a new low for their news ratings this spring.

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27 Responses to “KATIE COURIC SUCKS”

  1. geobucks Says:

    There is a theorum called the “Peter Principle” which says everyone continues to advance until they reach their own level of incompetence.
    She did that on the Today show, but managed to reach a new level. Even if they mostly let her hand off to real journalists, she is so inept and irritating, I just can’t watch CBS News unless “She’s on assignment”. (sucking in the bucks and sitting at home, counting her money).
    CBS made a horrible mistake and are so stupid, her contract will lock CBS in adnauseum.

  2. Mike Says:

    Katie Couric is a Liberal SCUMBAG and she sucks! I would love to see her get thrown out of news all together.. I wish that liberal scumbag every bad fortune.

  3. Jay Says:

    Wow, what a scum bag this wench is.

    She really needs to be told to fuck off when starts badgering during her skewed ultra scripted controlling and intimidating interviews against the middle this left bitch pitches softballs at the far left and i think she sucks for that, people like her ruin our country for ratings and fame.

  4. Jerry Says:

    She is in bed with the Liberal PARTY….specifically Osama Obama. No question about it…Katie Couric swallows the liberal wadd.

  5. Sue Says:

    You can tell Katie is really trying to save her job by the
    Sarah Palin interview. She seems like a very scorned
    woman. Sarah Palin is not by any means stupid.
    I think Katie is trying to improve her ratings but I think
    she is actually helping Sarah. The American people are
    as stupid as our liberal media thinks. We do have minds of
    our own and don’t believe all their liberal mumbo jumbo.

  6. cindy Says:

    i agree, katie sucks, she roped sarah palin in. hook line and sinker. she;s such a liberal pig.

  7. christy Says:

    katie is desperate and her way of getting her ratings up was by making Palin look stupid- well, people know it is couric who’s dumb and stupid and if put against Biden, like Palin did last week, couric would have passed out.

  8. Anne Says:

    Did anyone else catch how quickly Katie got rid of Joe the Plumber when he wasn’t saying what she wanted him to say?? I thought that news was supposed to be objective. Katie’s liberal leanings make me gag. And that insipid grin she has. Who’s fooled by that? The direction that the media left would lead this country into frightens me half to death. The fact that people actually believe most of it scares me half to death. Yep- I’m completely scared of what’s down the road.

  9. gordon Says:

    What do you expect from a Marxist controlled press. Couric is living proof that talent doesn’t get you a great paying job, a wide smile and being Socialist does.

  10. angie Says:

    I want to see katies first interview she ever did…….. she thinks the world revolves around her, she SUCKS. PROBLEY what killed her first husband, she didnt SUCK him hard enough, She has to be sleeping with someone at CBS, for them to keep her around, KATIE YOU SUCK, IS OSAMA OBAMA YOUR NEXT BED FELLOW………..

  11. Angela Says:

    Katie Couric has become too big for her britches. For some reason she honestly believes that she is Americas golden child…loved by all. Frankly I cant stand to hear her voice anymore. I was undecided in the election, until I saw Katies interview with Palin. I was embarassed for her. I would love to see her go down in flames!

  12. Kat Says:

    Miss Katie is just upset she is getting old and she is not Americas sweetheart anymore she is now Americas heart burn! Plain is smart beautiful young at heart and has class everything Ms Couric is not oh how the mighty have fallen Katie your best days are gone you are not going to regain them except your fate and just fade away or better yet go away …NOW..I mean right now!!

  13. Maureen Says:

    Couric pushed the button on abortion; to Palin, which trapped the Governor
    into coming across -” foolish.” I question why Couric is paid $$$$$$ ?
    I question her abilities as a journalist and WHY is she being awarded? I
    agree , she should “fade away”!

  14. joe Says:

    katie is awesome. Palin is a fucking dumbass and we all know it. you all are blaming katie for palin’s stupidity. grow up. also, don’t be mad about mccain’s loss; look what the last republican did in office!

    • Knowjoe is dumbass Says:

      You are a Piece of trash Joe and show how big a DA YOU are. You are a prime example of our morally corrupt society we have in America. There is no respect for fellow humans or value of life even. And I don’t mean Christian values either because I am not a church attendee. I mean just moral principals any society needs to survive. America doesn’t have it anymore.

  15. Josie Says:

    I can’t believe she is a journalist. She is so full of herself. It has gotten to the point that I can’t deal with her. So many of my friends feel the same way. Why can’t she just report the news as it is without her bias slants. What’s worse CBS tolerates her.

  16. Chuck Says:

    She must be the absolute worst reporter on television these days. What a sad excuse for talent. There are so many others who, without much effort, easily out do her. I still cannot believe CBS is paying her all the money! They are being ripped off by her. The biggest insult must go to the other 60 minutes personalities! I bet they don’t say a word lest they be fired on the spot. Again the name katie Couric is becoming synonymous with incompetence. Please CBS, get rid of her!!

  17. Wes Says:

    Katie Couric does suck, but Sarah Palin dug her own grave by being a total non-compus mentus. If you deny this, you’re either retarded or blinded by your own dedication to your disaster of a party.

    Maybe next time if you don’t want someone to look like an idiot on TV…perhaps you should nominate someone that is qualified to be questioned on any topic relating to his or her candidacy.

    • slaw Says:


      Re: look like an idiot on tv. That didn’t stop Obama from being nominated and elected. Maybe if Couric did her job and vetted Obama, people would have more respect for her and her liberal station. You all gave Obama a free pass and look where we are. Palin had more experience than Obama and she wasn’t running for President. I am so disillusioned with the press and the direction of our country.

  18. Jeff Says:

    Katie is nothing more than panty waste. Her and all her ilk can go down with the crap turds I just flushed. There is a reason that all main street media sucks and it shows in the polls just released, however she is the bottom of the barrel.

  19. carlos Says:

    This woman is something else,she tells us we need to lower our standards of living while she gets paid millions and would not even give a real street person the hour of the day.Just like all the elitist bastards on the media.Americans please WAKE UP ! Stop worshiping these roaches and let them have the same standard of living as anyone else.I guess this is too much to ask,since most idiots that elected Obama are mind numbed morons with no commonsense.Since when Di caprio,Afflek and so many others dictate the future of a country built by fighters and not by pantsys like them.And the Nobel prize is also given to the biggest pussy running the show in the U.S.,Otherwise Reagan should have won one and even both Bush’s

    • slaw Says:

      Carlos, I agree with your statement. What amount did Obama and Biden donate to charity (prior to the election)?? They want to tell us who and what to support with our taxes and then put people in office who don’t pay their taxes (until their put in the spotlight). This is the most hippocritical (sp) administration I’ve seen. I’ve mostly voted Democrat, but if the democrats are becoming socialist – I’m republican from here on out. They shove a stimulus bill done our throats and want to shove obamacare down our throats. No one wants obamacare. No one want a healthcare bill. No to healthcare. Government can’t take care of the Post Office, can’t take care of Medicare/Medicaid and can’t take care of our social security. Why do we want them to mess with our healthcare?

  20. david Says:

    katie couric is not a journalist. she is a cheerleader for the left.

  21. stan_in_usa Says:

    I would not date Katie Couric if she was the last woman on earth filled with men. She probably has fomunga cheese between her legs. But then, all women like her do.

  22. Jack Says:

    She is a hick from the midwest who is way over her head and gummy mouth.

  23. call me Roy Says:

    Hey Katie Couric? how’s that Conservophobia workin’ out for ya?
    How’s your stash of CBS News business cards holding out? “These are tough times for everyone,” Couric said.
    Seems Sarah Palin is doing swimmingly, no thanks to you and your Kate-Hate. Sarah has amassed over $12 million dollars this year and is a political powerhouse not to be fooled with. Socialists tremble at the mention of her.
    Perhaps after you are laid off like your soon-to-be ex-boss, David Westin, you can start a Socialist Talk radio show and show Rush Limbaugh how it is done Socialist style. What do ya think?
    Say, didn’t ABC News axe 300 staffers, 20 percent of its news division, in February of this year? Is anyone getting your coffee, these days? Are you doing your own make-up now? Perhaps Nancy Pelosi can give you some pointers, eh?
    Sooo… inquiring minds want to know. Will MSNBC get your nod for a spot on their little cable channel? Perhaps you can team up with fellow Conservophobic, Keith Olbermann. I’ll bet Janeane Garofalo is available to sub for you when you want a few days off …seeing as how Garofalo gigs are few and far between these days. You could start off with an interview of Michael Moore and discuss how his cash flow is going these days as a professional Conservophobe. Just an idea.
    Perhaps Obama would hire you as a personal aide, so long as you wear blue dresses. What do you think? Nahhh… scratch that. At your advanced age it would be difficult to rise gracefully from a kneeling position.
    Well… gee, I am running out of ideas here Katie ole girl …unless Uncle Fidel could use you as a professional socialist propagandist on his state owned Radio Havana. It probably doesn’t pay much but think of all those communist fringe benefits like free health care and free Fidel pep rallies! Perhaps you could wine and dine those CBC socialists who like to visit the Pearl of the Antilles and reminisce about the good ole days when Obama won the election. sigh…
    Gee… the socialist troll business just ain’t what it used to be, huh Katie?

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