Today’s Seattle Post Intelligencer contained more e-mail fun with Seattle SuperSonics owner Clayton Bennett.  Bennett’s correspondence with an Oklahoma based “consultant” is yet another e-mail exchange that has infuriated Seattle fans.

 The city of Seattle is suing Bennett over terms of its lease of Key Arena. Bennett wants to move his club to Oklahoma City as soon as next season. A court case between the warring parties is scheduled to start next month in Seattle. The city obtained a record of Bennett’s e-mails as part of discovery and are HAMMERING the Sonics owner over those e-mails.



In the latest e-mail fiasco Bennett was caught in a ridiculous exchange with an Oklahoma City consultant regarding Sonics players.

The consultant informs Bennett that Seattle players are reacting negatively to the team’s proposed move to Oklahoma City. Bennett e-mails himback,


“Boo Hoo.”

In another e-mail Bennett writes,


“(NBA commissioner David) Stern should take note and help us get out of Dodge [meaning Seattle] ASAP.”

The P.I. also has this,


Then there’s an e-mail from minority partner Aubrey McClendon to Bennett after McClendon was quoted in the Oklahoma Journal Record as saying the group never intended to keep the team in Seattle.

“Oh no. Just read this,” McClendon wrote. “Have I caused a problem for you. I am so sorry. The truth is we did buy it with the hope of moving to Oklahoma City.”

Honestly, if you’re the Oklahoma City owners how do you NOT delete that exchange? All of these Bennett e-mails (and a host of others) have been released by the city of Seattle and run in both Seattle papers. They are designed to make Bennett look like a lying asshole.

Mission accomplished.

Bennett may yet win his lawsuit against the city and be free to move his ballclub, but he’s AT LEAST going to be embarrassed in the effort.

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