In a recent MMA bout in Louisiana fighter Corey Wethey was struck so hard he reportedly lost control of his bowels-and crapped his pants right in the ring. The incident was captured brilliantly by Deuce of Davenport as well as several other blogs.

According to a local newspaper:


The fight — the seventh of the night – began like any other. (Opponent Fred) Mitchell and Wethey left their corners, tapped gloves and traded punches. After landing a knee to Wethey’s body, Mitchell said he began to smell something foul.

As the fight prolonged, Mitchell said the smell continued to worsen. Eventually, he removed his mouth piece and expressed his concerns to the ring official.

“He s— himself,” Mitchell said repeatedly.

The incident required a 10 minute intermission while officials scrubbed down the ring. Perhaps the SECOND best part of this story is that after Wethey soiled himself he tried to use that to his advantage. After the bout resumed Wethey reportedly locked Mitchell’s head between his feces laden thighs.

Wetherby ended up being disqualified and lost the fight. A local newspaper speculates the incident was so embarrassing Wethey’s MMA career may be over or he may have to change his name.

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