One of the country’s most controversial radio talk show hosts has been fired. ESPN’s Pittsburgh affiliate, WEAE, fired Mark Madden following his comments last week about Senator Edward Kennedy.

After it was discovered that Sen. Kennedy has a malignant brain tumor Madden said (live on the air),


“I’m very disappointed to hear Sen. Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts is near death because of a brain tumor. I always hoped Senator Kennedy would live long enough to be assassinated. And I wonder if he will receive a get well card from the Kopechne family.”

Madden also once served as a color commentator for WCW wrestling.


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3 Responses to “MARK MADDEN FIRED”

  1. Clay Vegas Says:

    I think Sharon Stone said it best when she described China’s devastating death toll from it’s recent Earthquake: “Is it karma?”

    Too bad no one can fire that crazy bitch. Mark Maddon — isn’t he paid for his opinions? Isn’t he paid to be entertaining in an evil world of sports radio? American society is full of hypocrites: We laugh on the inside but denounce Mark in our practices because his comments were “offensive”. Well, I feel incumbent to say, “FUCK YOU, WEAE, PITTSBURGH! WORRIED ABOUT EVERY LITTLE THING, REACTING LIKE COWARDS — GET OUT OF THE MEDIA BUSINESS, STAY OUT, GO BACK INTO DENISTRY AND LET THE PROFESSIONALS DO THEIR JOB. ”

    I’m not a Mark Madden fan, I just defend his right to say what he wants. It’s his gig to make fun of Ted Kennedy — in fact, who hasn’t made fun of that fat, Boston pig? Now he’s fired. Good man lost his job because of an absolute morality and it’s wrong.

    It’s bad business.

  2. LoDo Says:

    Clay Vegas is right on the money. That joke would kill for any stand-up comic but Madden loses his gig for it.
    Political correctness offends me!

  3. bobby Says:

    sorry clay but if you are PAID for your opinions, then the guy, er, company signing the check gets to tell you what you can and can’t say. and if the host doesn’t like it, they can skip picking up the paycheck. there is no freedom of speech issue here. besides, this is the four letter network. did you expect anything less?
    you know this as well as i do… you can’t say things against the sponsors, or their friends, or psuedo-girlfriends. sound familiar? (piggy, tell THAT story sometime…) because its more important to make money than to have any kind of sense of humor, or be “entertaining”,or “rock the boat”, or report the truth for that matter.
    common example(stop me when i’m wrong)
    the host gets on the mike and mentions how he or she had a terrible taco that day. and they mention it was at, say, del taco. within twenty minutes, a sales person will be in the booth or in their bosses’ office complaining because they have the del taco account and their del taco rep heard it and got upset. sooner or later, the host finds themselves in a meeting about it. and if the host has enough of these “meetings”, they’ll find themselves unemployed. “public figures” are no different because everybody is six degrees from somebody and, god knows, there’s people in the USA just begging to be offended so they have something tangible to be miserable about.
    you are right, dude, but it doesn’t matter anymore and hasn’t for a while now. its not about freedom of speech or a sense of humor. its about M O N E Y, as usual. business as usual in the fascist regime.

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