The Cincinnati Reds today will recall  uberprospect Jay Bruce.

Bruce is considered by most experts as the best prospect in baseball. He was last year’s Minor League Player off the Year and is scheduled to take over as the Reds center fielder. The Reds current center fielder, Corey Patterson, has been an abysmal failure this season. He is hitting just .201 with a horrific .242 on base percentage as a leadoff hitter. The final straw for Patterson was Sunday’s extra inning loss to San Diego when he went 0-8.

Patterson probably never should have had the Reds center field job. His sole qualification was being a sycophant and favorite of current Cincinnati manager Dusty Baker. Baker’s decision to go with his buddy (the worst leadoff hitter in baseball) over a five-tool potential superstar like Bruce has been a costly one for the Reds. Cincinnati is currently in last place in the NL Central with a 23-28 record. That’s not good but the club is still hanging around. Despite their failures, the Reds are still only seven games behind the first place Chicago Cubs. It’s no stretch to imagine that lead could have been cut in half (AT LEAST) had the Reds gone with Jay Bruce in their outfield all season.

In about 1/3 of a minor league season, Bruce is hiting .364 with 10 homers and 37 RBI. Since May 3rd Bruce is hitting .456.

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  1. bfadds Says:

    I’m not going to take on the scouts that project Bruce to do great things… but I think his minor league numbers are a head scratcher. His OBP and BA are a bit too close for comfort.

    Numbers like that only mean that a guy who doesn’t adapt well to the majors is going to be a done deal. He’s going to need to improve his approach at the plate or be taken advantage of by veteran pitchers.

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