Last week the website alleged that Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant was having an affair with this hottie:



That’s a huge leap for the scandal-mongering website which previously had limited itself to posting humiliating photos of athletes drinking and partying. By writing about an affair as a FACT when it has no photographic evidence or confirmation from either party, The Dirty is opening itself up to huge liability. So far the mainstream media won’t touch the Bryant Affair story. Even the blogs have left the story alone for the most part. The story has been radioactive.

Bryant even went to court this weekend to get a cease and desist against The Dirty according to

It is in this climate that the following incident occured between Bryant’s wife Vanessa and Laura Lane of ESPN The Magazine.

On her blog, Lane gives her version of what happened:


So as I’m walking out of the Lakers locker room after some post-game interviews with the players, I pass Vanessa, who is sitting outside the locker room as usual with her two girls.
“Laura!” she screams (yes, she apparently knows my name). “F- you! You f-ing bitch!”
“Excuse me?” I say, completely baffled as I look around me to see if there is someone else named Laura. No, there’s not.

Her daughters – ages 5 and 2 – are sitting next to her on the bench looking at their mom as she screams.

“F- you! How dare you write about me and my daughters and their schedule! You didn’t say you were writing an article! F- you! You f-ing bitch. You have no journalism ethics! F- you! You bitch – ”




Vanessa Bryant was apparently angry over a blurb Lane wrote about her in ESPN The Magazine. The article featured this captioned photo:

Vanessa, with the amount of dime your husband makes, are you really wearing a purple tutu?

(Ok, kinda catty but it certainly doesn’t warrant Mrs. Bryant’s tirade on Lane.)

Lane also posted the content of her entire article (originally here) on her blog. Here’s the part of the article that supposedly offended Vanessa Bryant:


Kobe’s wife, Vanessa, has opted to make her own fashion statement. Vanessa, who is usually prim and proper in all black has decided to have fun tonight with her outfit. She’s wearing a white tube dress, a purple tutu, black leggings, high heeled short boots and a rhinestone incrusted white leather jacket with the number 8 on the back, Kobe’s old number. Bryant’s daughters, Natalia and Gianna both have shirts that say “Got MVP?”

“When he changed his number I didn’t have anything with a 24 on it so I had them make this dress,” Vanessa says. “I don’t know how to sew that well so I just told them what to do.”

The girls, however, prefer their soccer uniform over ballerina tutus.

“I have stuff like this for them but they don’t want to wear it,” Vanessa says. “She’s like, ‘I don’t want to wear it. It itches.'” Bryant’s kids have recently started playing soccer in addition to gymnastics, ballet and hip-hop.

“I’m like a total soccer mom,” Vanessa says.

That’s it?!?

It’s hard to believe you can get called a “F*&#ing Bitch” for calling somebody a “soccer mom” and making fun of their purple tutu.


You’ll notice that nowhere in the article does Lane refer to Kobe’s alleged affair. Apparently after being called a “f-ing bitch” Lane has taken the gloves off.

First Lane quotes other reporters about the state of Vanessa Bryant’s mental health,


She’s insane. Everyone knows it.”

Then Lane pulls out the nuclear option. The affair.


Perhaps she’s angry at the world because there were rumors today that came out that Kobe Bryant slept with a Lakers cheerleader – a hotter version of his wife who is also named Vanessa – and she got fired.

First, it’s spectacular that Lane refers to Vanessa Curry as “a hotter version of his wife,” but then she pulls out this:


While I am completely against cheating, can you honestly blame Kobe if he didn’t want to sleep with that???

Lane concludes,


Considering there are a lot of rumors going around, I’m sure she’s upset. So she took it out on me and now I have an awesome story.
About three different reporters at the game and one of my editors told me I should write about her cussing me out. That’s the beauty of journalism. You don’t fight, you write.


So what had previously been an untouchable rumor (Kobe’s possible affair) is now in the mainstream public domain. More importantly ESPN is now letting its reporters cover the topic. All because Vanessa Bryant called some reporter a “f-ing bitch.”


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  1. jrw Says:

    well from looking at your picture it really seems like you are the pissed off one. so what if you went to college, didn’t a man name gates drop out of college and managed to become the world’s richest man , didn’t one or more of you former presidents have an affair? let kobe and his wife deal with kobe and his wife. his wife’s feet look better than your mug. as big richard says……………SHUT UP!!!!!!!

  2. catfightreport Says:

    If the two actually got in a real catfight, I think I would give the nod to Laura Lane. Hot! 🙂

  3. Marty Says:

    You gotta love insecure women.

  4. linda Says:

    This is not the first time she has talked smack about an athletes wife or girlfriend. She got what she deserved. She is not a professional, in one of her blogs she also wrote about a baseball players girlfriend. Stating that she should get a job. She comes off sounding JEALOUS ! I think she wants an athlete and is resentful that she had to go to college to become a reporter just so she can hangout with them. all of this would not be happening if she would not have posted it on her blog, but it seems she just wanted the FAME and ATTENTION. She also wants the fans to think bad about the wives or girlfriends. JEALOUS, HATER…She should be FIRED !

    • natalie Says:

      bullcrap! sounds like your one of those that didn’t go to college yourself…. maybe your a little jealous of her for actually making something of herself. I’m sure your a loser…

  5. maxine Says:

    The woman is simply looking out for her private interests; her children and I can not knock Vanessa for that. It is extremely difficult to be under the constant prying eyes of the mass paparazzi and general public. Every human being has their breaking point.

  6. maxine Says:

    The woman is simply looking out for her private interests; her children. I can not knock Vanessa for that. It is extremely difficult to be under the constant prying eyes of the mass paparazzi and general public. Every human being has their breaking point. Lets be honest. If someone launched a character assault on you and you never did anything to that person and then they go and advertise personal information, wouldn’t you be upset. I know I would. I have to side with Vanessa on this one. Clearly, the reporter used questionable tactics and compromised journalistic principles.

  7. Nancy Says:

    LL is extremely unprofessional. Let’s talk about sports (NBA, Espn) and not pick up information on the Bryant’s Private Family Lives and broadcast it all over the internet. What a big dummy! Vanessa was nice enough to refer to LL as a reporter, but she sure doesn’t act like one. If LL ever grows up, she might find the respect she should show the Laker wives and girlfriends. Kids are special and the Bryant’s are just trying to be good parents. Try to write about sports/basketball and quit bothering everyone else.

  8. weee Says:

    laura lane..oh my gosh. try to write something without insulting unprofessional. i wouldn’t blame vanessa for calling you that name because who wouldn’t get mad about what you wrote!! hey at least she put some effort to her outfit and is very supportive of Kobe…

  9. veronica Says:

    Well i do think that Vanessa looked stupid wearing that.!!!! She is a gold digger and no wonder kobe’s parents didnt want her to get married with her.She is a stupid girl that has no class and no education.The girl didn’t even graduate from high school.The easiest thing to do she couldnt do it.She is a bad role model for her kids.I would never cuss in front of my son.She needs to get some class.As they say that money can’t buy u everything its apparent that with all that money she’s still wearing black lip liner.They have all this money and she’s still looks CHEAP!!!!!She needs to get a stylest and she needs to get rid of that ugly nail job she gets done.HONEY u look like a prostitude w those nails sooo long.

  10. cp Says:

    FIRST OF ALL LARA LANE YOU ARE DELUSIONAL. The younger Vanessa cheerleader
    does not even come close to being remotely more beautiful. SHE MAY BE MORE ATTRACTIVE THAN YOU MAYBE. For some reason, Vanessa Bryant must bring out the insecurities in you. Your inadequacies are sooo transparent.

  11. Gretchen Says:

    That’s HOT!!!!

  12. Guess Says:

    Laura Lane go find you superman clearly you are not cut out for this kind of a job your a gossip and a trouble maker, you need to reconsider your work ethics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOU SUCK as a Reporter!!

  13. Laura Says:

    Explain how Vanessa is looking out for the best interests of her childern when she’s cussing out someone in front of them. Clearly this is in the childrens best interest?

    What a great mom. very classy… NOT!

  14. stephaniee. Says:

    “reporters” need to mind their own business and leavee celebrities personal livees alonee! they can deal with their own problems than getting every singlee thing published and told to the wholee world!
    that is so NOT classy and disrespectful, trying to bad mouth Vanessa to the wholee world!
    AT LEAST she approached youu!
    the cheerleader is SO NOT a hotter verison she is UGLYYYY!
    Vanessa is 10x better then her and youu!

  15. jhon decius Says:

    nice picture kobe i try hard to be a basket ball player and meet you

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