Going into this weekend’s series with the New York Yankees both Seattle Mariners manager John McLaren and general manager Bill Bavasi had reason to fear for their jobs. Now their firings appear inevitable.

The M’s were already in last place and playing horribly. Then came this weekend’s disaster. The Mariners were swept by the LAST PLACE Yankees.

Saturday team president Chuck Armstrong gave Bavasi and McLaren the dreaded vote of confidence:

“Their positions are secure,” Armstrong told MLB.com from his Bellevue, Wash., home. “They are not to be blamed for what’s going on.”


Unfortunately, things are getting exponentially worse by the day.

Even Armstrong is baffled by the Mariners poor play. After all, this is a team that was expected to contend for a division title in 2008 and mortgaged a significant part of their farm system to obtain Baltimore Orioles starting pitcher Erik Bedard. Bedard was supposed to be the final piece of the puzzle to put the Mariners on top.


“In my 23 years, I have never ever seen anything like this,” Armstrong said.

The Mariners can’t hit, the pitching is imploding, and the club plays stupid baseball day after day. Worse, they’ve lost the once loyal Seattle baseball fans. Prior to this disastrous road trip, eight of the ten poorest attended games in Safeco Field’s history have come this season. And the ordinarily docile Seattle media has turned on Bavasi like wolves.  

Bavasi took over as Seattle’s general manager prior to the 2004 season. His teams finished in last place in 2004, last in 2005, and last in 2006 before going 88-74 last season. However, another last place finish seems a foregone conclusion in 08.

As captain of this Titanic, Bavasi is bearing the brunt of the criticism. He seems genuinely baffled by his team’s inept play. A frustrated Bavasi told mlb.com,


“This interview is not an attack on the players…”


He then proceeds to attack the players,


“You can’t send out a memo asking them to play better, but they need to put their effort in a little different, more intelligent way and play the game right. We are not in position to be talking about wins and losses,” Bavasi said. “Unfortunately, we don’t have on this club, or so far haven’t had, that player or players who has it in his gut to take care of himself and have enough left over to help somebody else do the job, or demand it. We don’t get a runner over from second or in from third, and the players tolerate it.

“Good teams just don’t tolerate it. Sometimes, that is making demands on each other, and good teams do that. They point things out that are being done wrong and demand they do them right.”

Bavasi concludes,


This is beyond frustration, and it’s hard to fathom,” he said. “It’s not that we are giving in, because we’re not.”

Those may be Bavasi’s last words as Mariners general manager. Literally.

Meanwhile, at least Bavasi has been the architecht of his own demise. Mariners manager John McLaren seems to be more of a bumbling, inept accident of history.

Last year the Mariners were cruising along with a 45-33 record when manager Mike Hargrove abruptly quit the team. The same squad limped home at just two games over .500 after McLaren took over. McLaren spent decades in baseball and NOBODY ever thought he was competent enough to be a Major League manager. The M’s head job is his first.

 The 56-year-old McLaren (who talked up this squad in spring training) looks more like he’s 76 these days. And, I’m sure he feels that old. After all, he’s had to sit through EVERY Mariners game this season.



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  1. Clay Vegas Says:

    Richie Sexson: One big, piece of shit who destroys every possible rally for the Mariners. No baseball fan would ever care that he get his release and allow for some player movement on that roster. So, you take a 12 million dollar hit, but as a team, THE MARINERS CAN MOVE ON WITHOUT SEXSON! They can get better but you have to subtract before you can add.

    I thought it was a good idea when they brought up Jeff Clement and Waldimir Balentin four weeks ago — but it was preceeded by a move from Bavasi signing maligned asian import, Kenji JoJhima to a 3 year option? WTF? The organization is planning a youth movement, instead they exercise club options that keep a .200 fading skills jap catcher to hold back the organization, even further? Do you see the conflict? Yes, we want to see what our prospects can do, but we’ll establish a glass ceiling so no matter how good the kids are doing, they will never have a clear starting job.

    Bill Bavasi, John Mclaren and the Mariner’s team can suck a dirty Amy Winehouse’s diaper.

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