Uh oh! Could somebody end up going to jail over the O.J. Mayo case?

Well actually, according to California law, the answer could be “yes.”  It is not just an NCAA rules violation to give college athletes money in California. It’s against the law.

According to the Sports Law Blog (dated May 20th) section 18897.6 of the California Business and Professions Code seems to apply to the Mayo allegations and people who may have given him money.

Under section 18897.6 the law states:

“No athlete agent or athlete agent’s representative or employee shall, directly or indirectly, offer or provide money or any other thing of benefit or value to a student athlete.”

The bill is called the Miller-Ayala Act. And, it’s not just some obscure, unenforceable law that exists only on paper. The USC Trojans website actually contains a link to the law:

 It’s at

The Sports Law Blog suggests the California Office of the Secretary of State should be looking into this.

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