Who doesn’t love actors who refer to themselves in the third person. Especially actors who refer to themselves in the third person NICKNAME.

After a brief run in the Las Vegas production of “The Producers,” Baywatch Creator/German Pop Icon/Celebrity Drunk David Hasselhoff says he will soon star in his own Las Vegas show.

Proclaiming, “Everybody loves the Hoff,” Hasselhoff says the show will be a rock opera based on his life.


“I’m putting together a knock-down, drag-out, crazy, make-fun-of-my-life, Hoff show that also tells my story. It’ll be a little about Baywatch, about Knight Rider, about the Wall in Germany.”

Hasselhoff’s last run in Vegas was as the gay Broadway Hitler in “The Producers.”


Hasselhoff says,

“I’m dead set on this stage show because I feel as if I can do it after The Producers. I’ve become good friends with Mel Brooks, which is an honor. I’m 55 and I’ve finally arrived because Mel Brooks told me that I was good. It made me go, ‘Wow!’ To me that was it. Even though I was wearing a dress and playing a gay Hitler at the time.”

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