This classic video of Jenn Sterger re-surfaced on The Big Lead and The Dirty today. Busted Coverage posted it back in February. We played it on the radio over two years ago.

About half way through the clip Sterger (better known as The Florida State Cowgirl) talks about the subject she knows best: breast implants.

Sterger says she wants people to know her Daddy didn’t buy her boobs. She also says getting breast implants (for $11,000) was “the best decision I ever made.”

You may want to fast forward to the part in the clip where she talks boobs (it’s at the 1:35 mark) because listening to the whole thing is unbearable and may make you want to kill yourself.

If getting a boob job is the highlight of your life and “the best decision” you’ve ever made then obviously you’ve led a pretty shallow, empty, vacuous life.

That being said, OF COURSE I’d hit that. But only if Jenn Sturger taped her mouth shut first.


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  1. nina Says:

    just wanted to give people an idea what kinds of things are available for sweet life when you look continuously smooth.

  2. eric Says:

    this brawd jenn sterger is a little bit too self absorbed.
    the only thing going for this balloonhead is her fake chest, other than that: she is satisfactory at best looks wise.
    she is not all that: i’ve seen much better: and all natural!

  3. arash najafi Says:


    he is ugly and smells like garlic ring worm.

  4. evandril Says:

    This girl’s a fucking idiot.

  5. lance bass Says:

    id hit that

  6. Harry Dale II Says:

    I have know jenn for a few years since high school and she has always been the kindest warm hearted woman i have known, dont judge a book by its cover she is a goregous young woman and yall must be extremely jealous of her, i wish her the best of luck and hope all goes well working with the JETS

  7. CLS Says:

    To this young lady who seems to be angry and defensive(maybe she has a reason to be), I sincerely hope that she begins to find things to do about her life that’s bigger(no pun intended) and more important than herself. There’s no doubt that she’s a lovely young woman, but her life seems to be very empty and she sounds empty from inside. I don’t know about you, but I found it unbelievably sad to hear a young woman claim that the boob job was “the best decision she’s made in her life”….And I also encourage her to look beyond being a cheerleader as we all know how long a woman could depend on that for a decent living. By the way, getting breast implants doesn’t make you shallow, it just proves that you are stupid.
    Best of Luck with your personal growth and a human being.

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