I’m shocked, SHOCKED to find out basketball star O.J. Mayo took money while at USC and in high school.

ESPN and Outside the Lines has a former “confidant”  (translate: “hanger-on”) of Mayo’s on record who says the young hoopster took $30,000 in money, clothes and gifts while in high school and college.

Fine piece of investigative work by ESPN, but where were they on the Reggie Bush story? He took TEN TIMES that amount of money and his accuser had RECEIPTS.

Prediction: The USC basketball program is going to get buried over this. Meanwhile, it’s been four years and NOTHING will happen to the USC football program.

Speaking of USC football (and O.J.’s), the other “shocking” sports story of the day is that it it turns out O.J. Simpson REALLY DID KILL Ron and Nicole. That’s the claim of a former close “friend” of Simpson’s.

The friend has a book coming out. I don’t know what’s more disgusting: 1) people are still making money off O.J. or 2) a publisher would consciously time the announcement of a book on O.J. murdering his wife coming out to coincide with Mother’s Day.

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