I am a radio talk show host by profession. In my career I’ve worked with and met people in the industry that have done some pretty reprehensible things. Today however marks a new low.

Former San Francisco talk show host Bernie Ward has admitted to charges of distributing child pornography in a plea deal with federal prosecutors. Ward’s admission came in the form of an e-mailed plea bargain arrangement sent to prosecutors that will send him to prison for at least five years. Prosecutors are arguing for a nine year sentence.

The San Francisco Chronicle described Ward as “the most prominent liberal voice on Bay Area talk radio for more than two decades.” Ward is also a former Catholic priest (go ahead make the cheap joke.)

Here’s more from today’s San Francisco Chronicle:

Ward, 57, a former Roman Catholic priest, was a fixture on KGO-AM 810 for three hours every weeknight, known in recent years for his fervent denunciations of President Bush and the war in Iraq during his news talk show. He also hosted “God Talk,” a Sunday morning program on religion, and was a prolific fundraiser for the station’s charity drives.

But his career disintegrated Dec. 6 with the unsealing of a federal grand jury indictment, issued three months earlier, that charged him with two counts of distributing and one count of receiving Internet images of child pornography. KGO fired him Dec. 31.

At a 30-minute hearing in federal court in San Francisco, Ward admitted he was guilty of a single charge of distributing child pornography, saying it involved “exchanging an image of a minor engaged in sexually explicit activity” in December 2004. The plea agreement he signed, quoted in court, contained an admission that he had sent between 15 and 150 pornographic images via e-mail.


 Bernie Ward is obviously a sick, demented human being. But he is not going to prison just yet. As part of the plea deal Ward won’t be sentenced until August. He is under home confinement and allowed only to travel to and from church services and charity functions. He is also allowed to take his children to and from school. That’s right, Bernie Ward is married and has four children.

The story on how Ward was caught with kiddie porn is interesting. The host of “God Talk” was caught because of his online chat conversations with a dominatrix. Ward originally plead not guilty and was going to go with the Pete Townsend “I-had-the-pictures-on-my-computer-for-research-on-a-book” defense but he was busted by the dominatrix. According to the Chronicle:

The transcripts quote Ward as fantasizing about naked children with no apparent reference to any subject he was researching. Police said he had sent photos to the woman that showed children engaged in sexual activity.

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  1. Nad Says:

    Its going to be interesting how Bernie is treated in prison. He would always say the Prison Guards were paid to much money. Do you think they will put Mr. Ward in general population? The stories he will tell.

  2. Sheezle Says:

    I’m wondering how many of you out there know about PROMIS software? I’m wondering if the porn and the other crap wasn’t must made up and back doored onto Ward’s computer, just like what happened to Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals judge Alex Kozinski’s family computer, but again, who even remembers that, besides Christine Kraft, another wonderful KGO Radio talk show host, and practicing attorney?? PROMIS software and it’s bootlegged spin-offs is discussed at length and in great depth if you pick up a copy of Michael C. Ruppert’s exhaustively documented 2004 boo, Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the end of the Age of Oil, an expose of the crimes committed on 9/11/01, oh, and the people who committed them, including Congressional testimony on the subject. So don’t tell any American that this is just conspiracy “theory.” More like “Conspiracy FACT.” I would not be surprised if Bernie Ward got PROMISED, at least in part. It is a tool of The Empire to destroy reputations with sex scandals. That is just Business As Usual with these Money-God fothermuckers.

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