Stubby Clapp is not a disease. He’s a baseball player. Although Clapp had a brief Major League career (playing 23 games for the St. Louis Cardinals in 2001) his name alone makes him a baseball immortal.

These days Clapp is a hitting coach for class A Lexington in the Houston Astros organization. Although he would never be considered an impact player, Team Canada wanted Clapp to play for them in the upcoming Beijing Olympics (despite the fact that he is now retired as an active player.) Sadly, that’s not going to happen.

Apparently the loss of Stubby Clapp would be too much for the Houston organization. The Astros DENIED Canada’s request to let Clapp miss a couple weeks to play in the Olympics. Clapp had been part of Team Canada since 1999. Canadian coach Greg Hamilton said he was disappointed,

“The Houston Astros have turned down our request for Stubby to play for us. It’s a blow. Stubby Clapp brings leadership to the team and in many ways is the face of the program.”

I believe that’s the first time that the phrases  “blow,” “Stubby Clapp,” and “face” have ever been used together. At least in a conversation about baseball.

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