Holy crap! It’s right-wing View member, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, in a bikini. Hasselbeck did the photo shoot for Fitness magazine.



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  1. DVon Says:

    I had no idea she was that hot.

  2. jim Says:

    Will you identify the other members of “The View” as “Left Wing”? There’s no doubt that Elisabeth leads rightward, but there’s also no doubt the rest of them lean leftward.

  3. rory gibbons Says:

    when she kicked Rosy’s ASS I fell in love….

  4. Randy Says:

    Not surprised she is being sued for stealing someones book idea, did you really believe she has enough brains to think of something herself! She is just another half-ass pretty drone, who runs around repeating what she has heard, with nothing original to add!! She does have a lovely body, and Tim must have a nice size pecker, because he is keeping her pregnant, only if he could keep her at home, that would be a great accomplishment!!!!

  5. muscleman20002 Says:

    That chick is dumb stupid, and ugly, she has no business wearing that.

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