Yawn! Another day another story about Roger Clemens and his affairs.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m as interested in scandal and dirt as much as the next person. And if it wasn’t for the revelation of abhorrent behavior I wouldn’t even HAVE a blog. But, ENOUGH already with the stories about Roger Clemens’ penis.

The New York Daily News has another article today about Roger Clemens cheating on his wife. It’s the seventh day in a row that the newspaper has run a story on this topic. Today the Daily News interviewed the mother of one of Clemens’ mistresses. Nice touch.

I know it’s been seven days in a row of Clemensgate because the Daily News ran a graphic next to the Clemens story that said: Day 7. Enough. I cared the first three days. Maybe four. Now the paper is just piling on.

Worse, the Daily News is devoting so much of the paper’s resources to these silly issues. The problem is they hired an entire TEAM of investigative reporters to cover the steroids issue. The Daily News is not only paying these reporters handsomely they spent money promoting and marketing their new “I-team.” They even gave them their own logo:

 What happened after spending all this money? The newspaper found their readers DON’T CARE about the steroids issue. No matter how many times you write about steroids or what stories you break on the topic, nobody cares. It literally doesn’t matter how salacious or scandalous the stories are about baseball players using steroids IT WON’T SELL NEWSPAPERS. Stories about Roger Clemens boning some 15-year-old or blonde fat chick MIGHT. Sex sells. That’s why we get Roger Clemens cheating on his wife: Day 7. Or day 15. Let’s certainly hope it doesn’t come to that.

If the Daily News really wants to sell a lot of newspapers they should not worry about Roger Clemens’ sexlife. They just need to go hire the headline writers from their cross city rival the New York Post.

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