The New York Daily News has a story today on MORE women that former Major League pitcher Roger Clemens was having sex with while he was married.

The good news for Clemens is this time all of the women are over 15. The bad news is he was knocking down about the same caliber of fat girls as you or ME.

The Daily News article says Clemens was sleeping with this woman:

Angela Moyer is currently a real estate dealer in Pennsylvania. She met Clemens while tending bar in New York. She issued a terse “no comment” to the Daily News when asked about Clemens. Too bad. It’s a REALLY tight sub-prime market. She probably should have offered to do a photo shoot.

Clemens was also linked to one of golfer John Daly’s blonde ex-wives:


Paulette Dean Daly met her famous golfer husband when she was a PGA tour event “party co-ordinator.” She reportedly had a decade long affair with Clemens and took money from the pitcher as one of his kept women. She is at least the SECOND woman that Clemens had a decade long affair with. Clemens apparently had more loyalty to his mistresses than his wife.

When contacted by the Daily News she said,

“I know Roger. I consider him a good friend. That’s all I’m comfortable saying.”

Apparently she’s NOT COMFORTABLE saying,

“I’m a slut who takes money from married men for having sex with them.”

Paulette Dean Daly has another trait admirable in a mistress. The absolute ability to focus on her man no matter what else is going on around them:

Why is all of this information on Clemens coming out NOW? Simple: it’s being leaked to the media by Brian McNamee’s lawyers. Clemens idiotically decided to sue his former trainer after he testified about the pitcher’s steroid use. Clemens’ lawyers attacked McNamee’s character and credibility. This is TIT for tat. Literally.

One of Brian McNamee’s gleeful lawyers, Ernest Nargi, says his side will “pursue sworn testimony” from EVERY mistress they find.

In any court, and in any deposition, this would be explored – it goes to the heart of the truth,” Nargi said. “If he’s not going to be honest with his wife, who is he going to be honest with? He’s taken a vow with his wife.”

Nargi couldn’t resist getting in this dig:

‘How many women are there? A girl a day? Every 15 minutes is one going to materialize from a bar or a trailer?”

Hey, if you’re going to cheat on your wife with John Daly’s leftovers this is what you get!


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