Poor Dale Davis. These days the NBA journeyman is mentioned more in the Hollywood gossip pages than the sports pages. Davis has been dragged into the ridiculous sex scandal involving Rob Lowe and his former nanny.

In fact tmz.com has an item today about Davis’ genitals. Davis was the boyfriend of Lowe’s crazy ex-nanny, Laura Boyce. Feminist lawyer, Gloria Allred, is representing Boyce and the two of them held a press conference today. Boyce was so psychotic that at one point Allred literally reached over and covered her mouth to prevent her from speaking.

That didn’t stop the dynamic duo from issuing details of the lawsuit against Lowe and his wife, Sheryl and the allegations are REALLY, REALLY UGLY. Sure there are accusations of lesbian sexual harassment and details about Rob Lowe’s cock rings. Those are the fun parts. But, the lawsuit also portrays Mrs. Lowe as an incredible racist. That’s where Davis and his penis enter the picture. According to the lawsuit,

“Laura Boyce, says that Rob’s wife Sheryl constantly made sexual remarks around her about her boyfriend’s genitals. Boyce dated Davis while she worked for the Lowes. Boyce claims Sheryl once said Boyce “got strep throat from sucking ni***r d**k. I mean black d**k.”

Sheryl Lowe issued a statement today denying she is a racist,

“As a mother of two young boys, it is sickening and disgusting that Mrs. Allred and Ms. Boyce would stoop so low as to drag a child into this latest, baseless, predatory lawsuit. To falsely attack my husband is one thing, to attack me is another, but to do this to our son reveals not only their lack of character, but how far they are willing to go to play the ‘lawsuit lotto.'”

“The charges against me are lies meant to embarrass and humiliate. I find it deeply offensive the false allegation that I would use racially insensitive comments. I’m certain that my dearest and longtime friend, and godfather to my children, Marcus Allen would beg to differ with their charges.”

Great! Now Marcus Allen has been dragged into this fiasco.

I don’t know if Sheryl Lowe is a racist (she obviously is if she made ANY of those statements) but I’m quite sure the people at tmz.com are. If you look at the way they framed their coverage I feel they intentionally and gratuitously included the item about:  “sucking ni***r d**k. I mean black d**k.”  And TMZ deliberately but the phrase next to THE ABOVE picture of Dale Davis. You’re telling me that’s the best picture of Dale Davis they could come up with?

The only reason THAT I’M reprinting this tripe is to call out TMZ on this.

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  1. BUNCHE Says:

    Dale Davis is off ga hwy 17, the most ruthless, lawless hwy in georgia, he can not help that he hell on wheels. on this hwy you must do before you get done. no if ands or buts period….

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