Why do you think they call it dope?

Dallas Mavericks forward Josh Howard’s revelations about marijuana use and his partying ways are being blamed for his team’s ouster from the NBA playoffs.

The Mavericks were eliminated by the New Orleans Hornets last night. They lost the series four games to one with a 99-94 defeat in New Orleans.

Howard’s play was a major reason for the loss. He scored just 12.6 points per game in the Hornets series after averaging 19.9 during the regular season. Worse, he shot just 29.2 percent from the field and his admission of marijuana use in a Dallas radio interview was a MAJOR distraction for the team. Howard was booed mercilessly AT HOME Sunday after shooting just 3/16.

Howard also incurred the wrath of his coach. Mavericks coach Avery Johnson may be taking the fall for Dallas’ ouster. There are plenty of rumors about his imminent firing. He was already in disfavor with Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

According to today’s Dallas Morning News, Johnson was so angry at Howard that he called off practice Monday. Johnson was reportedly mad because he had issued a strict “no partying” edict to his team for the playoffs. Despite this, Howard was handing out fliers in the Mavericks locker room inviting his teammates to attend his 28th birthday party at a Dallas club. According to the paper,

Johnson confronted his team about the party Monday – the source said only a few of the players attended – and canceled practice, prompting the players to practice on their own without the supervision of the coaching staff.

The Mavericks then lost to New Orleans last night, ending their season. This makes Howard easy fodder for local talk radio and columnists.

Howard’s own teammates were none too happy about the situation. Without mentioning Howard by name, Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki (last year’s scapegoat for Dallas’ first round elimination) threw him under the bus following last night’s loss,

Obviously, there were some very disappointing things that happened here in the playoffs with everything. It was bad timing…In the playoffs, it’s time to just concentrate about basketball, focus on it and not let any distractions come up.”

Rumors are already circulating that the Mavericks are looking to unload Howard before next season.

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