Once again, Spy Magazine was right. Of course, when they did this story over a decade ago IT WAS A PARODY.

The first media organization to run with the long rumored “Hillary-is-a-Dyke” story is The Enquirer. Well hey, if it’s in The Enquirer IT MUST BE TRUE!

There have been rumors and whispers in the blogosphere for quite awhile that personal assistants don’t get much more “personal” than Hillary’s girl, Huma Abedin.

Never heard of her? Well here she is:

What is The Enquirer’s proof for such an amazing allegation about a presidential candidate? Well actually, they don’t have any. The publication simply says there are “reports” that Hillary is a lesbian. The Enquirer talks of “gay romps” between Hillary and “the sexy brunete” Abedin.

Oh, wait…

SEE ! A picture of Abedin walking behind Hillary Clinton and Ellen. That has to mean SOMETHING, right?

And it turns out Abedin’s parents are both Muslims. Wow! talk about your vast Right Wing conspiracies.

It seems Barack Obama’s Reverend Wright problems weren’t so bad after all.

And if you don’t think legitimate media will follow up on this, here’s today’s Times of London:

Just in time for Hillary’s appearance with Bill O’Reilly tonight.

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  1. huntingdonpost Says:

    You got me! Actually I have heard these things for a long time, and recently there are rumors, undoubtedly also false, that Obama is on the down low. Why is it that this is so titillating to consumers of crap media?

  2. Marie Odonnell Says:

    so what if she is…..and no i don’t think she is gay

  3. Trainwreck101 Says:

    It’s well-known that Hillary loves “the Pie” just like the Rock does. Hillary’s lover during her “co-presidency” years was Elizabeth Rourke, head of the Human Rights Commission, an association of die-hard left wingers.

    Even Gennifer Flowers said that Bill claimed that Hillary’s eaten more [expletive deleted] than he has!!!

  4. Injury Attorney Says:

    I believe it.

  5. Hillary fan Says:

    Well if it is true Hillary has a beautiful girlfriend! I tend to believe the rumors, but don’t really care, what the Clintons do in their bedrooms is their own business. If Hillary is ok with Bill’s women, and Bill’s ok with Hillary’s women then why should we loose sleep over it?

  6. Mike kinz Says:

    I often thought Hillary’s being a dyke helped fuel Bill Clitton’s rationalization to be the cheating philandering pig that he is..”Well Hillary, if you wont fuck me, I’ll find those who will, what else would you do?”…AND, since she is a carpet muncher who lesbo cheated on her husband, she had little to say when he spilled his spooge on a blue dress.. All in all ,they seem the ultimate narcissistic power couple who will do and say anything to get what they want…And they have pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes regarding their complete selfish, self-righteous and amoral view of life. With A single lonely child as a token of their “normal” relationship. Now she’s Suckretary of state??? God help us

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