I’m still trying to figure out how Kathie Lee Gifford went from unemployable to hosting the final hour of a major network morning show, but THAT’S a different story

Earlier today we posted about the controversy regarding the Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair photos. This morning on NBC’s Today show, Gifford pointed out that the “artistic” shot of Cyrus’ bare back wasn’t even the worst picture in the shoot. According to Gifford, what’s more disturbing is this father/daughter photo:

The photo of Billy Ray Cyrus and his 15-year-old daughter MIGHT be interpreted as sexually suggestive. That’s debatable. However, it IS a little creepy.


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  1. Patty Says:

    It’s totally sexually! Everything about her “image” is!! I have two girls 6 and 7, they are ‘tweenages now. All the little things kids use to do between 6 and 13 is gone. Children like Miley Cyrus, and the ones just ahead of her are to blame as well as Disney.

  2. rebecca1006 Says:

    Disney isn’t as sweet and innocent as you all may think. I’m just trying to figure out what are they thinking? Just another huge dissapointment for parents of children who are her followers, Good luck trying to explain this one to a 5-6 yr. old little girl!Better shut off the T.V. and start pointing them in a different direction (up) for instance.

  3. Em Says:

    Is that Kathie Lee’s nips showing in that pic?????

  4. Dee Says:

    If I would have seen this picture without the caption or knowing who the “couple” are in the picture, I would have thought they had an intimate sexual relationship. There seems to be too much body contact in places that are suggestive of a sexual relationship. What concerns me more is that neither of them realized when the picture was taken that it should feel inappropriate for a father and daughter to be so inter-twined.

    Now, for Kathie Lee, what is up with a nipple action? New meaning to “Good Morning America!”

    • chuck kastel Says:

      cathy lee is hot!!! she has some of the nicest tits on tv. i love the hard nipples. she is one older woman i’d love to screw!

  5. Tuesday Says:

    Oh my God!!

    Kahie Lee looks really terrible as a blonde.

  6. HULKSTER RUBS DOWN DAUGHTER BROOKE « Mike Responts: The Blog Says:

    […] Must be creepy celebrity parents week. […]

  7. Shel Says:

    Where did you get that shot of kathie lee from 2008

  8. yoyo Says:

    Kathy Lee is just hot – wish she didn’t get that plastic surgery on her face – but still got da bod

  9. pressboxx Says:

    Damn Kathy Lee has some really big TITTIES for the picture…Move over Frank…can i help you out…NEXT

  10. Pete Says:


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