Dallas Mavericks forward Josh Howard admitted today that he smokes marijuana in the off season.

Although his timing was certainly poor (the Mavericks are down 2 games to none to New Orleans in the NBA playoffs and play tonight) Howard certainly picked the right venue to admit his drug use. Howard made his revelations on the Michael Irvin Radio Show in Dallas. Irvin, the former Dallas Cowboys receiver, has a long and storied history of partying and drug use-including a conviction on cocaine charges.

Howard told Irvin about his off season marijuana use and said,

“I don’t think that’s stopping me from doing my job.” Howard added, “I think that everybody in the media world and in the sports world knows that NBA players do smoke marijuana.”

Howard is the Mavericks second leading scorer and was an All Star in 2007.

Despite Howard’s admitted use of marijuana, there appears to be little the league can do to punish him. NBA players are required to undergo four random tests every season between Oct. 1 and June 30. But a player who tests positive for marijuana is not subjected to his first five-game suspension — or even public knowledge he has failed a drug test — until his third failed test. There is also no provision in the CBA to punish a player who simply admits to drug use.

Outspoken Dallas owner Mark Cuban says the club will deal with Howard internally.

“We won’t make it public,” Cuban said. “But we’ll deal it. We’ll do what we need to do and deal with it internally and then that’s it.”

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