MSNBC has the story about a disturbing new trend by drug dealers in California. They are flavoring their cocaine TO TASTE LIKE CANDY. Federal drug officials are quoted in the story as saying they hope to stop the trend from spreading to other parts of the country.

MSNBC says drug rings have occasionally mixed candy flavoring with powder cocaine but this new drug is much more sophisticated. It is FULL STRENGTH POWDER INTO WHICH STRAWBERRY, COCONUT, LEMON AND CINNAMON FLAVORING HAVE BEEN CHEMICALLY SYNTHESIZED.

The DEA says flavoring the cocaine is a “marketing technique” used by drug dealers to make the cocaine more attractive to teenagers and young children. Says one DEA official,

Attempting to lure new, younger customers to a dangerous drug by adding candy flavors is an unconscionable marketing technique.”

It’s also thought that the candy flavoring would help drug sales with the female demographic.

And you thought Joe Camel was bad!


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