Awful Announcing (and SPORTSbyBROOKS) has the story that Billy Packer may finally be on his way out at CBS. Awful Announcing, in fact, is calling for Packer’s ouster,

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Billy Packer is a cancer to CBS. The guy has called a black player a monkey, made sexist remarks on-air about a female player, used the term fag during an on-air interview, and even told a woman worker at Cameron Indoor Stadium, “Since when do we let women control who gets into a men’s basketball game? Why don’t you go find a women’s game to let people into?” Every single time CBS defends the guy and for what?

All of the sexist, racist and idiotic remarks take a backseat to the guy losing the network millions of dollars. Either way…’s time to make the move CBS.

As AA points out, all of Packer’s racist and sexist remarks and boorish behavior never got him in trouble with the network. What did? Apparently a sponsor complained about Packer LITERALLY telling fans to “turn off” the Kansas/North Carolina game. (North Carolina eventually cut the Kansas lead to four points before losing.)
Media critic Bob Raissman of the New York Daily News points out,

CBS is paying $6 billion for the right to air the tourney over the life of its contract with the NCAA. From a business perspective, telling viewers to turn off the TV is not a great idea, especially in a soft advertising market.

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