A Yale University Art Major is saving her aborted fetuses as part of her senior art project.

 Aliza Shvarts says she wants to make a statement. She artificially inseminated herself “as often as possible” while periodically taking abortion drugs to induce miscarriages. Shvarts THEN TOOK THE BLOOD FROM THE MISCARRIAGES AND MADE AN “ART EXHIBIT” OUT OF IT. Her exhibition will feature video recordings of these forced miscarriages as well as preserved collections of the blood from the process.


Meanwhile, in a completely unrelated “project,” Costa Rican artist – Guilermo Vargas Habacuc – has generated international outrage by STARVING A DOG TO DEATH with this work of “art”

The dead-dog-art-project was first revealed in the Seattle PI in a blog entitled “The Dubious Art of Torture.”

Vargas Habacuc took a starving stray dog from the streets of Costa Rica. He then chained the dog up in an art gallery just out of reach of food. Although the dog couldn’t actually reach the food, it was close enough to where the dog could still smell it.

The dog (named Nativity) starved to death.


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2 Responses to “BUT IS IT ART?”

  1. quadesh Says:

    I am an artist, so I know that nowdays art has no limits… anything silly or stupid, made by human can be called art…
    But this… this is just toooo much… I would send them on “starving exhibition”…

  2. raimundo hamilton Says:

    The act of chaining a dog in an art gallery is not art. The problem that generates the question might be that you and me, as ‘users’ or ‘expectators’, don’t feed the dog. We are as cruel as the so-called artist. That is the real thing. And that is an art-based question. Art is not good or bad, it develops and exposes questions for us.
    Why didn’t someone feed the dog? the food was there. We are all cruel people. Calling this art is just justifying our cruelty under other person’s name.
    Everyone hates the costa rican artist, but no one hates the people visiting the ‘exposition’. Please think about it for a sec.

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