Former USC defensive tackle, Manny Wright, has been released by the New York Giants.

Wright’s short and incredibly unproductive NFL career may be over and he will be forever known for two things: being fat and crying on the football field.

This from the Newark Star Ledger:

Manny Wright was waived yesterday after the team gave the troubled defensive tackle one season to prove he could remain focused and in shape. According to two people familiar with the Giants’ reason for the transaction, Wright did the exact opposite by being overweight for much of last season and by heading back to California earlier this week after only one week of participation in the Giants’ offseason workouts.

Wright was cut his rookie season by the Miami Dolphins after coach Nick Saban’s yelling at him made the 300 pounder cry on the practice field. Wright actually asked to be released by the Dolphins,

”It’s nothing against the Dolphins and nothing against Coach [Nick] Saban,” Wright said. ”I didn’t even want this to get out, so there wouldn’t be any negative feelings out there. But sometimes you need to cut loose to get your life together. This has been a tough place for me emotionally, so I think a fresh start would be best.”

Wright ended up playing nine games with the Giants and Dolphins. He made six career tackles in three seasons.

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2 Responses to “FAT CRYBABY CUT”

  1. True Friend Says:

    i think u guys are really rude and always remember when ur at the bottom of the barrel there is no where else to go but up. he’s human just like the rest of us and he was a kid what did u expect?? look how oj turned out!!! when u point the finger three is pointed back at u so leave this guy alone and let the NFL handle this situation.

  2. young millz Says:

    its funny how people talk when they have never put on a football uniform inn there life too the person who wrote this what round of the draft where u picked inn how many superbowl rings or national championship rings do u have exactly

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