It should come as no surprise that Boston Red Sox tickets are being scalped for fairly outrageous prices this year.  After all, with the team coming of a World Championship, demand for their tickets is high.Tickets on top of the Green Monster are going for as much as three times their face value.

What’s unique and shocking is that it’s the Red Sox themselves who are scalping the tickets. The Boston Herald describes the latest money grab by a Major League team. The Red Sox NEVER made the tickets (face value $ 160 per ticket) available to the public. Instead they posted the tickets directly on sites like stubhub.

For Friday’s game alone alone, the Sox pulled in more than $30,000 for nearly 100 Green Monster tickets for the April 8 and 9 Fenway openers against the Detroit Tigers and the April 11, 12 and 13 games against the Yankees.

The highest winning bid was $3,116 for six front-row seats at the April 12 game against the Yankees – more than three times what six tickets would cost at the regular price of $160 per seat.

The Red Sox ADMIT they are planning on auctioning off some 5,000 tickets this year.

And, GET THIS: The lying bastards say they’re doing the money grab/auction out of a sense of “civic responsibility,”

“We feel it’s our civic responsibility to keep tickets affordable for fans,” said Ron Bumgarner, vice president of ticketing, “and at the end of the day, this helps keep other ticket prices down.”

Isn’t it bad enough that they’re thieving SCUM? Now they’re LYING, THIEVING scum!


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