Record-setting Hawaii quarterback, Colt Brennan, had already seen his stock plunge in the upcoming NFL draft. Now, details of a criminal incident while he attended Colorado may have dropped him even further down most teams draft charts.

Veteran NFL writer, Jerry Magee, of the San Diego Union Tribune summarized the arrest records of several NFL prospects. Here’s what he wrote about Brennan:


QB Colt Brennan, Hawaii – In February 2004, then attending Colorado, he was arrested on felony burglary and trespassing charges and misdemeanor sexual assault and indecent exposure charges after allegedly walking uninvited into a female student’s dorm room and sexually assaulting her. Brennan pleaded not guilty but was convicted on both counts and sentenced to seven days in jail, 60 hours of community service and four years’ probation. He was dismissed by Colorado.

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  1. Patty Gesuale Says:

    I guess even veteran writers get it wrong– and amateur writers would also be better off if they did not believe everything that veteran writers write.

    Here’s a respnse to Jerry’s article that you obviously missed. You might do well to also read the other responses.

    By neegpeeg on 04/09/2008 at 9:42 a.m.

    The portion of your story on Colt Brennan is unclear and inaccurate-an example of the kind of journalism that leads to “untruths” that “become truth” because people believe everything they read.

    1. You list 4 charges, yet say that Brennan was convicted on both counts. Which ones? You make one think Brennan was convicted of sexual assault: that’s totally false. He was convicted of 1)second degree burglary 2)first degree criminal trespass. The judge dismissed any sexual assault charges. Brennan also passed his polygraph test that showed he was being truthful when he said the girl invited him to her room.

    2. The BIG difference between Brennan and the others: they’re still making the same mistakes, while the last five years have shown Brennan has learned from his. He admits his mistake & paid his penalty. His actions have been exemplary since the Colorado incident. In fact, Brennan (of his own volition) routinely visited the Juvenile Detention Center. in Honolulu while at UH-encouraging troubled youth to learn from their mistakes and give them hope for a different kind of life.

    You, and reporters like you who don’t get their facts straight (or write clearly) owe Colt Brennan and others like him an apology. Bloggers who help spread untruths by recounting incorrect facts or base their opinions on inaccurate information, as well as others’ opinions should also think about how their online “gossip” is construed as “truth”.

    All I can say is be careful-What if your own son or brother were in the same situation? Wouldn’t you hope that the media and the public would treat them fairly by reporting the whole story and getting the facts straight before condemning them?

    For a COMPLETE story on Brennan by a reporter who did a LOT of research, link to:


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