This is a picture of the man who claims to be pregnant. He was on Oprah this week. (not the dead dog episode where she broke down crying)

The guy’s name is Thomas Beatie and he’s acting as a surrogate mother (father?) carrying his wife’s child which was artificially inseminated.


4 Responses to “PREGNANT MAN”

  1. Jerica Says:

    this was alittle…weird but hey

  2. g Says:

    when you keep your female organs…Helllo , still a woman!

  3. Rayven Says:

    He’s not acting as a surrogate mother. His wife’s eggs are not being used. His are. He underwent artificial insemination with a syringe (turkey baster for those of us in the more graphic range) using his own eggs and ovaries.

    He is carrying his own child, he will just be called “Daddy” instead of “Mommy”. The baby is not biologically related to his wife (though that will be her Mommy). The baby is biologically his, and he will parent it, making the term “surrogate” obsolete (sorry, I am a surrogate mother, I’m kinda picky).

    Its an interesting situation. I have a problem with it being termed the first “pregnant man”. I think it would be more appropriate to term it “Advancement in Rights for Transgenders” or something like that.

  4. dominique Says:

    i think it is so cute

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