Charles Barkey has never been short on opinions. Recently, on the Dan Le Batard radio show Barkley had these words of criticism for several media types,

“Seems to me that the white guys don’t know anything about the sports and all the black guys want to talk about race … Jay Mariotti, Skip Bayless, they don’t know anything about sports. Jason [Whitlock] and Jemele Hill, they always talk about race, because they know that’s controversy.”“If it wasn’t for guys like myself, all these quote, unquote, sports fans would be listening to Skip Bayless, Jay Mariotti, Mike Lupica – the little midget … I like ESPN a lot, but they want to dominate the world.”“I’m not going to let all these losers, like Bayless and Mariotti and Lupica … they can say what they want to. I’m gonna say what I want to. They’re going to deal with it or they’re going to shut the hell up. I don’t care.”

“ESPN rode all those clowns out there everyday like they’re experts in every sport … first off, they’re not experts in every sport. Trust me – Jay Mariotti, Skip Bayless, and now, Jemele Hill – they’re just people giving their opinion.”

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