I’m officially going to puke.

 People magazine continues its endless shilling for America’s Prostitute, Ashley Alexandra Dupre. For some inexplicable reason, the celebrity mag has went out of its way to portray the scandalized prostitute in an incredibly favorable light.

People has been a virtual PR machine for the Happy Hooker. Last week they ran a story about a spa trip she took with mommy. Past articles have included glowing conversations with former classmates of Dupre’s (not easy since she’s a ninth grade dropout), and reports of her middle school gymnastics career.  

Now People is promoting a possible reality show featuring Dupre and celebrity/reality tv icon, Donald Trump.

In a concept called “Lady or a Tramp” Trump will attempt to transform Dupre from a filthy, drunken, call girl into a “lady.”


Good luck with that.

Anyone who isn’t aware of what a disgusting skank Dupre is may want to check this out: (not for the squeemish)

Hell, there are not this many photos, in existence, of ME passed out.


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2 Responses to “MATCH MADE IN HELL”

  1. GeeMan Says:

    who cares what you think…… the equation of life she’s a somebody and your,well,an absolute nobody.

  2. pgreg Says:


    She’s a whore and you are not. I guess GeeMan put you in your place!

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