God help me!


If you’ve ever been to the South, the Waffle House is a GIANT piece of Americana. The 24 hour food chain is so big in the South, that I once stayed in an Atlanta hotel with a Waffle House on each side of the building. That’s LIVIN’ down south. A Waffle House on every corner!


To me, nothing screams, “America!” (or “White Trash!”) like the Waffle House.

Well, maybe Kid Rock.


So, imagine what happens when you combine Kid Rock AND the Waffle House. Well, first you get a fistfight and an arrest.

Now, Kid Rock has returned to the scene of the crime (so to speak). He recently held a charity fund raiser for the homeless at a suburban Atlanta Waffle House.

The SAME Waffle House he was arrested in last month.

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2 Responses to “THE WAFFLE HOUSE ROCKS !”

  1. beeny Says:

    FYI – Gerard Butler doesn’t drink alchohol and has not done so in over 10 years. His beverages of choice are water, coca cola and coffee. He also doesn’t even look like he’s been drinking in the photo you posted. It’s rude of you to try to start a rumor that is denigrating about someone who doesn’t even imbibe.

  2. Waffle Recipes Says:

    LOL. I don’t know about Kid rock and Waffle house but I do love waffles.

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