Good News: Your son is featured in an article in Sports Illustrated. They even took his picture.

Bad News: The article is about abusive fans and your kid is pictured flipping off Kevin Love of UCLA. Right by a headline that says, “Over the Top.”


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It’s certainly been a bad week for one University of Oregon college student.

First, a photo of him flipping off UCLA’s Kevin Love was printed in Sports Illustrated, pretty much making the kid the poster boy of what’s wrong in sports.

Now his parents have taken his car away.

A couple of weeks ago, Sports Illustrated featured a piece on abusive fans in college sports. In a powerful piece of writing, Grant Wahl, chose to focus on the University of Oregon as an example:

Kevin Love knew it would be bad. But not this bad. Sure, he’d chosen UCLA over Oregon after being the consensus national player of the year as a senior at Lake Oswego (Ore.) High — but what happened to his home state’s rep for peace, love and understanding? On Jan. 23, the day before the ­Bruins-Ducks showdown in Eugene, Love found more than 30 voice-mail messages on his cellphone when UCLA stopped for a layover in San Francisco. He listened to the first one: If you guys win, we’ll come to your house and kill your family. He played another: We’ll find your hotel room and blow your f—— head off with a shotgun. He ­didn’t bother to check the rest. “I mean, these were death threats,” Love says. Shaken, he called his mother, Karen, and had her cancel his cellphone service.

The father of the kid shown in the SI photo was so appalled he wrote a letter of apology to Kevin Love and sent it to the magazine. Sports Illustrated printed the letter in its March 24th edition under “Abusive Fans:”

“I was shocked to see, in a photo of the Oregon student section, my son partaking in the harassment of UCLA’s Kevin Love. When he came home the following weekend, his car was taken away and he headed back to school on a bus. I am embarrassed and wish to apologize to Kevin and his family.” — Armando Navarro, Clackamas, Ore.

Man, that’s gotta sting!

One day you’re just toolin’ around campus in the sweet ride your daddy got you…


You decide to go to ONE college basketball game…


You have ONE bad moment..


And, the next thing you know, …POOF!


Greyhound City!

Incidentally, congratulations to Mr. Navarro. He’s one of the few parents I’ve heard of recently who’s acknowledged bad behavior by his child, accepted responsibility, and DONE something about it.

On the other hand: Hey, Navarro Jr.



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