That’s not the name of the gladiator movie Gerard Butler made last year. It’s his apparent Blood Alcohol Level leaving a Hollywood bar last night.


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3 Responses to “.300”

  1. sisterfriend Says:

    Gerard Butler does not drink. He hasn’t for years. He still likes having fun in bars but does not drink alcohol.

  2. Marg Says:

    I’m really tired of people saying that Gerry is drunk in these pictures. He stopped drinking 10 years ago and hasn’t had a drink since. Check out your facts before posting statements like these.

  3. PIslander Says:

    News to you regarding Gerry Butler.

    He hasn’t done drugs or booze for over 10 years. He even quite smoking.

    However, he had been traveling from one side of the world to the other for work and a press junket.
    N.Y. to India to Hawaii and then to California.
    All back to back trips.

    That man once said that he’ll rest when he’s dead, and I think he really meant that, if you look at how hard he works getting ready for filming, making the films, and now with his own production company.

    Add all that up and take a photo of him at 2 am coming out of a club to meet some friends and there you are, a crappy photo of a gorgeous man.

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