We are now heading into week 2 of the Ashley Alexandra Dupre saga. Slowly, we are finding out more and more details about the life of America’s Favorite Hooker. It was just yesterday, for example, that we found out that Dupre took topless photographs. She posed for the pictures for money.

In fact, after one week, here’s just a partial list of things we now know Dupre was willing to do for money.

Sleep with men

Sleep with women

Have unprotected sex (for enough money)

Take her clothes off

Take her top off

Go on lengthy “vacations” with older foreign men

Spend a week on a bus with Joe Francis

Well, it turns out that Miss Dupre was willing to do more than this for the right amount of money. A LOT more.

Put this next item under the category: too much information.

Now comes word from a New York City based website called Celebrity City that Dupre will indeed do ANYTHING for money.



* Warning: The rest of this article contains EXTREMELY objectionable material. It is extraordinarily sick, vile and disgusting. If you are the type of person who is easily offended or think there’s even the possibility that you might be offended you need to STOP READING. Now. The material is also of an adult nature. If you’re not 18 STOP READING.

Celebrity City describes itself as a website of “Famous and Infamous Persons of Interest in NYC.”

They have posted a story this week that claims hooker, Ashley Alexandra Dupre, LET MEN PAY HER SO THAT THEY COULD EAT HER DIRTY, USED TAMPONS.


Whew! Good thing Dupre was a high class prostitute. Otherwise, she might have had to do some pretty degrading, vile and disgusting things for her money.

I feel like less of a human being for just having written this. If you want any more information feel free to go to the website.

Now, I’ve never heard of this website before. Therefore, I can’t verify how credible they are, but why am I NOT surprised.

Obviously, Ashley Alexandra Dupre will do ANYTHING for money.

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  1. GeeMan Says:

    Sounds like plain,old simple character assasination to me. And you putting up any deragatory story you can find of her on the internet…cause we all know everything on the internet is true…some blogger just has to write it down–no other proof required.
    You and people like you are a the reason why bloggers will never trully replace the real news (even if the real news is controlled by big bro — (lol) I know just another rumor)

    Anyway, please, try and be a little rational when you write things if you can.

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    […] […]

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