The thing about cheap publicity stunts is they’re supposed to APPEAL to your customers.

Yesterday, Playgirl followed in the footsteps of their male magazine counterparts. Playgirl announced they would offer scandalized former New York governor, Eliot Spitzer, the chance to pose nude in their magazine.

As a heterosexual male, I’m not exactly Playgirl’s target audience. However, I feel safe in speaking for both women and gay men in saying NOBODY WANTS TO SEE ELIOT SPITZER NAKED.

The stunt did work on one level. I didn’t know playgirl magazine even existed anymore.


Now, maybe if Playgirl could get another politician, someone who looked a bit better with their shirt off…

obamama08.jpg Barack Obama

See, now we’re talking!

Showing Eliot Spitzer would be about as smart as having Ted Kennedy pictures.

ted_kennedy_beach.jpg Ted Kennedy

Actually, this type of thing very rarely works out for anyone.


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