In an effort to get its citizens to “kick the habit,” Seattle mayor, Gary Nickels, signed an executive order last week banning bottled water.

According to the Seattle Times, the City of Seattle currently spends about $58,000 a year on bottled water.

The ban applies only to city events (for now). It’s another attempt by the City of Seattle to be more green. Last week the city council proposed a measure to ban taxis unless they got good enough gas mileage (a major problem since most of the city owned taxis are Crown Vics.)


As to the bottled water ban, Mayor Nickels said, “This is a matter of leading by example.” Nickels added, “The people of Seattle own one of the best water supplies in the country, every bit as good as bottled water and available at a fraction of the price. When you add up the tremendous environmental costs of disposable plastic bottles clogging our landfills, the better choice is crystal clear.”

Seattle isn’t the only major city to ban bottled water. San Francisco instituted a similar ban earlier and Chicago has a bottled water tax.

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